Anny piball announced for 2017 that would justify not buying a Batman 66?

Hi all
Visited the Stern dealership recently, to enquire about the Batman 66. Was recommended to get a Premium rather than a LE due to the significant price difference for what seems to be, apparently mostly cosmetic, enhancements…What do you lot make of this ?
Are you aware of any new model announced for 2017 that would justify passing on the B66 ? Screen seems fantastic but the price is rather steep and some elements of the playfield (crane) are a re-heating of Dark KNight.

We already know Aerosmith is up next. After that I dunno, but Star Wars seems to get brought up consistently and would make a lot of sense.

I would argue that Dialed In! is “announced for 2017”, and I would personally choose that over Batman 66.


Also if you don’t like TDK I would consider passing on B66 since as far as I can tell they haven’t really modified a ton of he game.

At least to me it looks like the ruleset isn’t going to change significantly from the layout.

I could be wrong though, but as it is almost essentially a retheme it will borrow heavily from TDK.

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Interesting. I haven’t played this yet so the only thing I have to go off is words from Gomez who says the game will have very few similarities to TDK. We shall see.

ANNOUNCED? No, I guess not…


The inserts and layout of the game looks very similar to TDK.

Who is doing the code changes, that will really tell you everything you need to know about how the game will change if it all .

Lyman I believe. So I’m confident it will be pretty amazing.

If Lyman is doing it then, yes it will be amazing, if anyone else, expect TDK2.0.

I’d wait to play it. If you aren’t going for an LE then wait until you’ve put a few games on it since they’ll be making 'em for a while.

Alien is looking pretty cool…


Interesting replies, thanks a lot.
I have a GB pro, received only a couple of weeks ago, but a B66 would interest me too as I like the comics theme. The novelty of the screen is also a positive factor. But I see at least 3 cons : price, remake of Dark Knight at least for the theme if not the rules, and reliability (professional owner of a DK told me recently that the crane was frequently creating problems…the same crane that will be used again for B66. The latest point could be irrelevant as the it would be a pin for home use, and therefore subjected to much less abuse than a professionally operated machine (at least I like to think so!)…


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