Announcing the 2019 NYC Pinball Championships


Please tell me his fan club is the Stormriders.


Hey Tilt Forums!

Sorry for the delay, just getting back to Boston and finally getting settled enough to cut some video. Below are the links to all the coverage from NYCPC 2019, the Twitch links below are all edited for your viewing pleasure. The YouTube playlist isn’t populated yet because the videos are still uploading and processing but they should be added shortly.

Friday Qualifying:
Saturday Qualifying:
Classic’s Finals:
Women’s Finals:
A Division Finals:

Full YouTube playlist:

(Everything is now uploaded to YouTube :v:t3:)

I want to thank Levi, Austin, Tim, and Paul of Never Beef Productions for running an absolutely incredible event over the weekend, Benjamin of NYC Pin Pod for his amazing work with sound production on stage and throughout the venue, all of the commentary teams that stepped into the booth and worked hard to bring quality content to the stream, and all of the players that came out to NYC this weekend. None of this would’ve been possible without dedication and hard work from our GFUEL and our other sponsors, the staff, volunteers, and all the players that were willing travel and compete at such a high level.

Thank you to everyone who supported the stream throughout the weekend with donations, bits, and subs. You all rock! :slight_smile:

Backhand Pinball


Marc, you did an amazing job!


Yes, Marc’s work was exemplary. Great stream. Loved all the commentators, especially Levi. Had just the right amount of and type of humor I want in a stream.


Ok…for those of you who say I can’t do highbrow or subtle, I present exhibit A!


I wanted to add my thanks to Levi, Tim, Austin, Paul and Nancy who did a freaking epic job again in NYCPC. Last year was fantastic but this year was on another level. More space, more pinball, more players, more beef and more boom.

Replay/PAPA did an epic job on the games along with a few others. Smooth running of the whole event; amazing pre-tourney and Storm and the Nobs for Saturday entertainment! Super friendly atmosphere with folks just ready to enjoy themselves and have fun!

Where do I sign up for next year?


Tons of awesome quick clips of hot NYCPC action; thanks to everybody who snapped these for us during the stream.

Some great stuff here featuring some amazing play and our sick variety of commentary teams (hit mute button first Todd)


clearly the clip of the tournament for me :slight_smile:


Looked like an amazing event! Very fun stream to watch with incredible production. My personal preference for high-level competitions would be to keep the high energy commentary – which I enjoy listening to, and being a part of, when I’ve commentated with Levi – but ditch the foul language, in order to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

I finally finished watching the archive… I’m a bit surprised there’s been no discussion on the ruling of throwing out a completed game after-the-fact. I agree that the there was a switch malfunction on Stones that provided significant unearned scoring that required investigating, fixing, and potentially requiring replaying a ball – but shouldn’t that type of error and ruling be handled solely in the moment, and not after the game is completed? There were at least two occasions mid-game that I saw separate players noting the unearned switch award, turning around, and I presume they were both told to “play on” because they did just that. For officiating, it doesn’t seem right to acknowledge a beneficial malfunction and say “play on,” but then later change your mind.


Tim addresses this on the stream shortly after it happens. After hearing his explanation I think you’ll agree with his call.

Josh gets it wrong on the stream chat. Game was not “repaired,” players were offered a chance to allow a repair attempt and replay the game, and bus driver chose a different machine instead.


I wasn’t referring to whether the players should replay the game on Stones or play the new game on a different pin, I’m talking about the decision to make the “void the game” ruling after the game had concluded, and after mid-game rulings of “play on”had already been made.


The problem was not just the noted times when free Super Skill Shots and a free mode start were registered. The switch was registering randomly throughout the game.

Watch Jerry’s score here. He gets multiple unearned Licks shots from the Play Records opto malfunctioning. (9M points from Licks in 5 actual shots…)

Raymond had the same thing happen in his ball 3 multiball although I don’t have a clip of that.

I don’t think the TDs were aware in the moment of how big the problem was until they investigated after the game. I could be wrong about that though.


This is more accurate. I will not speak for Tim or Team NBP, rather relay what I saw and partially overheard.

Jerry was in MB, and after maybe 20-30 seconds it was discovered he was playing 1ball MB. As Tim started to approach the game it quickly flashed center lock malfunction, then kicked out the other ball(s). He continued play, drained, end of ball 3.

Bowden then plays, no issues.

Raymond then attempts several short plunges and during that process it started a mode, at which point he asked Tim, and was told play on.

After the game was completed, they then performed several tests and I’m not sure what was discovered but Keith was then given the option to pick a new game or replay RS.


Yes I think that’s correct.

Upon further review the correct decision was made.

I was just noting that josh was wrong about something else cause it seemed like a fun thing to do.


Another home run by everyone involved. Great job guys. The additional space was a huge plus over last year. Will attend again in the future.


WHY ISN’T HE SHOOTING FOR 2X?!?!?!? :slight_smile:

I would need to know more details before our team would make a ruling on this.

We’ve heard things all the time about a game hasn’t been working, it was working, it’s not now, sometimes it is . . . with respect to being able to make a ruling on a situation, the only time we’re able to do that is if either a player requests a ruling for a potential malfunction OR a member of our TD staff is live officiating a game and forces themselves into the action to make a ruling.

If the first time that this is being brought to our attention is the Raymond situation, that’s our first chance to officially be made aware and to make a ruling on the situation. At that time we may hear comments like “It’s been happening all day” . . . “Did you know Bowden got a skill shot with the ball in the plunger lane on stream the previous round?” . . . “Did you know Jerry Bernard just played a single ball multiball?”

The answer to all of those from me would be “That’s nice . . . any reason that wasn’t brought to a TD’s attention at that time?”. We can only make rulings when requested or we actively notice something.

With Rolling Stones in particular, I would have had our TD staff go into test and bang around on the playfield to see if we can recreate some self-switch-firing situation. The decision tree for us goes:

YES --> Okay, let’s try and fix it ‘live’ with the game still active
YES --> Okay, but we have to turn it off to fix it, record scores and players play out remaining balls on a new game
NO --> Turns out this short causes the game to catch fire and it will burn to the ground. Catastrophic malfunction - move to a new game.

I’m not sure if any tests were done before the ruling was made (which can be done on a Stern SAM game). I still haven’t actually seen the footage. I’m assuming that step was skipped and a ruling was made on the spot instantly?

If that’s the case, then I think the beneficial malfunction rule of ‘play on’ is perfectly fine in Raymond’s instance. If that was truly the first known incident of something not working properly. It is known that up to that point in time the scores on the game are valid good scores. If it happens again in that game then we’ll pull it. If it doesn’t happen again in that game then it’ll finish up just fine.

As far as I know nothing else ‘weird’ happened during the rest of the game? If that’s the case there isn’t a ruling that my TD staff would have had to make after the Raymond ruling. We could investigate the machine after the match and realize it’s possessed by the devil, but we wouldn’t have had a second confirmed instance of ‘weird’ behavior on the game to throw it out.


How is it possible that nobody got 2X?!

I just shoot that thing and get 2X, eventually.


Come to Italy . . . I can guarantee we have Walking Dead in every round for you to do commentary on. I want some 2X BOOM ACTION!


A player raising their hand briefly is not getting my attention and reporting a malfunction. The only report, and the first time i was told about the issue was when Raymond reported it, and the report was missing a few details. I heard nothing at that point about the game misbehaving in qualifying. I wasn’t reading the stream chat. I wasn’t watching the stream video with my full attention, and I did not see the issue Raymond reported.

So, at the time I had a report of 1 switch being triggered from flipping. So i ruled to play on. Then i watched the game and noticed that something else was going on and scoring crazy points but it wasn’t caused by flipping. I decided to take a look at it if the player stopped playing to report it or after their ball.

Looking back on the video there were just a million broken things that happened during the ball that weren’t brought to my attention directly. Here’s just 1 example:


The game said game over but I decided to take a photo of the scores before recording them because there were a massive amount of unearned points that happened on player 4’s ball 3 that i had finally been made aware of and observed.

Ok so before the ruling was made:

I went into switch test to see if any switches were registering other switches. They seemed fine.

I noticed 19 tech alerts. I went through and most were unused switches. There was 1 switch that was for one of the mick jagger position switches.

I went to the game’s mick jagger test and noticed that the motor couldn’t get to the left-most limit switch. Once it tried to go there it would get into a bad state and wouldn’t become free until the game went into ball search.

Our tech Eddie took a look at the position switches for the mick jagger motor and saw that there was a problem with the opto board or the opto connectors. This called the optos themselves into question.

I had observed 3 things on the game that were questionable. I thought they were 3 separate problems but now they were all linked.

  • The skill shot and center lockup switch were scoring when they weren’t being hit. Awarding some players over 10m in unearned points.

  • Mick would sometimes get stuck in the leftmost position, which prevented some players from advancing album multiball and causing a ball trap that was only fixed after a ball search for certain players.

  • A player was able to play a 1-ball multiball where the ball saver didn’t time down until an operator alert appeared with a center eject error. Then it served balls from the trough.

At this point i knew that the optos were all in question. With the center eject opto causing the unearned points and also the multiball issue. The game was trying to free all locked balls before serving balls from the trough, and thought it had a locked ball in the center eject because that opto was broken.

I’m still not sure if all the optos were just flaky because of the connector or the mick motor not finding the limit switch was affecting the 12V which was then screwing up the optos. Maybe a diode was messed up on the opto board. Regardless, the game was found to be described in language you’d only hear on the NYCPC stream.

I did say that the player could pick Rolling Stones again but that was just a mental slip up. The tech claimed he had fixed the issue but I hadn’t verified that he had. I had already taken so much time to make the ruling that I was just trying to move things along. Then throughout the rest of the finals the pop bumper kept firing during attract mode so I’m pretty sure the game was still broken and i announced it wasn’t able to be chosen for the tiebreaker.