Announcing the 2019 NYC Pinball Championships


Most major sports. F1 (which of course you can’t really stop for a ruling) will flag things for review. Sometimes the penalty even happens on the next race.


So far in Pinball I haven’t seen any kind of consistency in rulings, game/tournament standards, or formats so I’m not sure a comparison with other sports that have these things holds water.

I’d love to see that change but right now the generally accepted standard seems to be “make it up as you go along and try to do the right thing in rulings,” so that’s what happened here.

I can’t fathom allowing an obviously corrupt game to decide round 1 scoring like that when you know the final scores are illegitimate. Since there are no rules saying the game couldn’t be thrown out, I think getting rid of a game with tens of millions of points in dispute was the right move.

Like I said the problem for me is that we didn’t catch the error in progress, and I’d like to take steps to prevent that from happening next time.


It looks like you caught the error in progress and the player played single ball multiball for about 28 seconds.


Why are you ignoring what I’ve already written?

I’m in the booth. I’m not focused on that. It didn’t seem like a huge deal. It certainly wasn’t the 15 million points Jerry and Bowden both got in about 3 seconds due to the misfiring record shot opto.

Decreeing that commentators in the booth are supposed to be responsible for catching errors is not a solution. That’s not their job.


You mentioned lack of consistency in rulings but i think most of us know about beneficial malfunctions with multiball. The player should of cradled up and waited for a ruling, they didnt do that. That is all im saying…


It’s just a tough situation and something we should think about better dealing with if we want to be a “real sport.”

Check it out next year. We may have some new ideas or steal some existing ones.

I love the malfunction/ ball stuck light towers you see at pinburgh for instance.


Like the five second penalty on Verstappen this weekend for an unsafe release on pit lane, meaning even though he finished second he was knocked down to fourth because he didn’t stop to serve it during the race.

No I’m not mad that I missed out on a Verstappen on podium bet, nope.

Agreed however that the onus shouldn’t be on commentators for spotting errors. A lot of the time you are focusing on calling what’s happening at that moment in the game rather than focusing on the DMD other than a quick glance, or are listening to what your other commentators are saying to keep the play by play flowing.


In the end, we play competitive pinball matches to find out who is the best player that event; if an entire chain of optos was shown as unreliable or falsely scoring, even immediately after the match, then a replay is the right call. Otherwise what does the match really show other than who got lucky with opto registering? The alternative would be to have a result stand but have video evidence showing shenanigans for everyone to see.

I’m sure Tim didn’t take voiding progress lightly. In the end, the tournament was very well run and very fair, IMHO. And the best player that day won the tourney.


Champion Keith Elwin: The GOAT

Congrats to our NYCPC 2019 final 4! (l to r: Tim Sexton, Paul Caras, 3rd place Raymond Davidson, Austin Smith, 2nd place Steven Bowden, 1st place Keith Elwin, 4th place Jerry Bernard, Levi Nayman)

Dahlia Rowan Memorial tournament final 4 (l to r: 4th Kaite Martin, 1st Julie Dorrser, 3rd Anna Wolk, 2nd Miriam Nadler)

Classics final 4 (l to r: Levi Nayman, 1st Bowen Kerrins, 2nd Ian Harrower, 3rd Joe Lemire, 4th Elliot Keith).

Congrats to our B Division final 4 (l to r: Paul Caras, Tim Sexton, 3rd Chris Cafaro, Austin Smith, 1st Jay Steinberg, 2nd Zen Zochniak, Levi Nayman. Not pictured 4th Adam Robinson)


Ohhhhh…everytime you talked about the goat I assumed you were talking about me, it’s what my console gaming friends call me. My bad.


Surveys are going out. Google is giving me a message that i’m sending out too many so it looks like I can only send 100 a day. Look for yours in the next few days.


Am I the only one who just saw the guy hoisting the Stanley Cup bellow “HOLY FUCK!” on live TV?

They’ll never get on TV with that kind of language :smile:

What’s next, commentators making bets in the booth?!

I kid, I kid…but don’t these broadcasts operate with a time delay? I have to believe, somewhere up the chain of command, someone at NBC decided it was in the public’s best interest to let that “HOLY FUCK!” fly!

Wave of the future.


The Stanley what now? Never heard of it.


Is there a status update on the next hoodie order? I talked to Paul on Sunday of NYCPC and signed up on a list but have not heard anything further.


I haven’t been able to bring myself to even be in the same room as a television since the Janet Jackson / Justin Timberlake halftime show.


Check out this awesome short film by NYC Filmmaker Matt Carlson on NYCPC! Great piece Matt, thanks!

See if you can spot yourself…