Taking a cue from the wonderful people at The Sanctum (… Blizzard Mountain Pinball in Conifer, CO will be hosting “The Blizzard Mountain Winter is Coming 24 Hour Pinball Marathon.” This event is a 24 hour long non-stop marathon tournament taking place on November 3rd starting at 10 AM MDT (doors will open at 9am MDT) and finishing on November 4th at 9AM MST. Psst, the missing hour is for daylight savings time. We are sneaky like that.

Cost of event is $65 + a $30 swipe card for ALL games played during the marathon. Event registration will open Saturday September 8th at 10AM. For event payment, a Paypal link will be provided on the registration page. Fees need to be paid in full within 48 hours of the registration timestamp or the registering player will lose their place in line and will need to re-register for the event. Refunds for the event will be available until 7 days before the start of the event. There will also be a wait list once participation registration is filled. Wait listed players will not have to pay for the event until a spot opens up for them. This competition is currently limited to 52 participants.

We will have a few small periodic breaks in between rounds to allow people to head out to local venues for food and supplies. We highly recommend that participants bring a cooler with food and beverages for the duration of the event. There will be a fridge and microwave for everyone to use, and will have plenty of water available. There will also be microwavable food available onsite for purchase, and convenient food delivery options. We have chairs, tables, and benches, but welcome people to bring folding type chairs for additional seating and camping mats for a quick nap under a pinball game. We will be using for tracking results, this will also provide text message notifications to all players when rounds are starting. The “Winter is Coming” name of the event is not just a catchy line. Conifer, CO is 8,277 ft. above sea level and it will get cold at night. Bring appropriate clothing and prepare for low temperatures once the sun goes down.

Blizzard Mountain Pinball is not licensed to have alcoholic beverages on the premises.

There are trophies for the top 3 finishers and cash prizes will be given to the top 4 competitors of the tournament. Players executing a perfect round will be awarded a bounty at the end of the round. Finishing the 24 hour marathon will yield cash prizes to the winner of each 4-player group after their final round! The higher ranking of your group, the higher the prize purse for the final round. Finally, every player who plays for all 24 hours and never sits out a round will be awarded a “Blizzard Mountain Pinball Winter is Coming” completion medal, just like finishing a marathon. As the event registration fills, more details about prize amounts and disbursements will be announced.

And if that isn’t enough, Blizzard Mountain Pinball will also be holding a pre-marathon tourney as well. The event kicks off Friday, November 2nd at 6PM MDT with a 3-strikes knockout tournament. Cost of entry is $5 (+ cost of games played). There will be 100% payout of entry fees to the top 4 players.

Check in to the event page for more detailed information here: This page will be updated as more information arrives. We hope to see you there for an unforgettable pinball event.



Registration is open. Let’s do this!

I slept in this morning to start building up my reserves. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck guys!


Thank you Jim.

You and your crew’s experience and generosity have shown us the way. Our sincere hope is to put together as righteous of an event as you have.

Pinball is life!

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We are now at the halfway point of our 52 person field. This event will be here before you know it. Reserve you spot… TODAY!

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We are hearing a lot about the sanctum event, but I have not heard anything here. Did it happen? How did it go?

It happened. Zach McCarthy won.

It did indeed happen! We had 31 players, of which 29 finished and got a medallion. It was our first year doing this, and we learned a lot from the experience. Next year we won’t put Hobbit and Spider-man in the same group no matter how quickly the games play for me. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the final results:

…and a link to the local CBS news station that covered our event!

It seemed like everyone had a great time and we’re already thinking about how to make this event better for next year.



That’s quite an understatement. It was probably the most dominant tournament performance I’ve ever seen. He could have plunged all his balls in the final 5 hours and still taken first place!


And he’s only 13? Wow.

Wow – yeah, that was quite the domination. The difference in standings between Zach and 2nd place was 60 pts. Difference between 2nd place and the lowest player who survived all 24 hours (2nd to last place) was 56 pts.


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