Allentown Pinfest Tournament May 3-4

Allentown Pinfest Tournament - will be held May 3-4th 2024

Same format as last year; limited entry, unlimited glory

Greg “WPPRelli” Poverelli and “Crazy” Levi Nayman are proud to return as your hosts of the 2024 Allentown Pinfest Tournament. All of the BOOMs coming live from Marc Patenaude and Backhand Pinball. We hope to see all of you there!

Tournament format:

A $130 ticket enters competitors into the Main Open tournament and pays for all entries.

Qualifying time is limited to all day Friday, May 3rd, 12 noon to 9 pm, and it is a limited entry format. All competitors will play 12 entries on 12 different machines in a tournament bank of up to 20 machines, and all entries will count toward qualifying position. Finals, starting at 9:30 am on Saturday, May 4th, will consist of the top 24 qualifiers in A Division. Finalists will be competing for cash prizes and trophies, plus the glory of being named the Pinfest Champion! There will also be a B Division finals for the next 16 qualifiers ranked outside the top 250 IFPA Pro rankings as of May 3rd. Please note, the B finals results will not affect the final IFPA submission and are for prizes and trophies only.

Games will encompass all eras of pinball machines.

Finals will be PAPA style four-player group scoring, 4-2-1-0 scoring. Finals matches will be played on pre-selected banks encompassing all eras, ensuring a diverse and exciting finals experience for players and viewers watching on stream. Highest seed has choice of bank. The same bank cannot be selected twice by the same player, and banks may change between rounds. Due to time restrictions tied to this venue, all tiebreakers in finals will be on a “classics” machine. Higher seed has choice of game or order of the classics games.

There is no pre-registration, and this event is cash only. Players are encouraged to arrive as close to the 12 pm kickoff as possible, to ensure that all players get their 12 entries in by the 9 pm cutoff.

It is worth noting that we’ve had competitors show up as late as 6 pm who have still managed to qualify for finals. The limited entry nature of the event keeps lines short and by the evening hours most people have completed their tickets. This format is designed so you can also enjoy the show with a minimum of stress and being leashed to the tournament area.

There will be an IFPA sanctioned Women’s tournament, $20 entry with trophies and cash payouts, with limited entry on a number of games to be determined. The finals will also be PAPA format with top 8 qualifiers. Please note due to time restrictions, anyone who qualifies in both the main as well as the women’s finals might have to play both concurrently. Please note if you only play women’s and not the main, it will be $50 to enter ($20+30)

There will be a charity side tournament benefiting Project Pinball. A kid’s division for ages 12 and under will be determined by interest at the show. If your kid wants to participate in competitive pinball please let us know!

The PAPA / IFPA rule set will be in effect. All rulings made and decisions by the tournament directors are final.

Volunteers and machines:

The Tournament Directors are seeking volunteers for desk registration and scorekeeping assistance. There will be an exclusive hour of qualifying time available for these volunteers, 9:15 to 10:15 pm on Friday, May 3rd. Compensation will also be offered based on the number of hours volunteering. We also need more games for the tournament and are offering free entry in the main tournament or $100. Please reach out to discuss.

Tentative games list (final list will be 20+ games main and women’s banks TBD)

Mandalorian pro
Star Trek Pro
Bally Lost World
Aerosmith pro
Pinball Pool
Foo Fighters pro
Bow and Arrow
James Bond 007 premium
Led Zeppelin pro
Little Chief
Godzilla pro

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