Allentown Pinfest Stern Pro Circuit This Week!

Hey folks, it’s Allentown Pinfest Week!

Join us for this unique stern pro circuit event tournament!

$125 pays for entire tournament.

Friday: play 12 games out of the bank of 18 or so machines. All 12 entries count.

Qualifying 12-9 pm Friday May 5

Top 24 will play finals 9:30 am on Saturday, may 6.

There’s also a B and women’s tournament. Howard at project pinball will be running a kid’s tournament.

No need to pre-register. $125 Cash please to check in.

This tournament has been designed so there’s no issues with lines, everybody will be able to get their entries in. Last year we had a guy show up at 6pm, play all 12 of his games, and still qualify for the tournament. This is a fun, laid back circuit event which leaves tons of time to also enjoy the show, the parking lot parties, and the awesome adjacent farmer’s market. Don’t be scared of the limited entry format; games will be fun and playable.

More details here. Seeya at the show!


Oh, alright, fine. I’ll participate in the boomage


We are anticipating much high-wattage boomery!!!

Seeya there ray !

Wpperelli says 132 percent TGP for this one.

Important question: can people with byes check in at 10:30 instead of 9:30???

totally just jinxed myself to not even qualify but I don’t want to find out late Friday night again :wink:

Yes those with byes can check in remotely and arrive by 10:30! While time restrictions prohibited being certified, with new rules we are still in fact higher WPPR projections and TGP than last year. 132% and over 75 WPPRs for the winner. High end trophies and boomy payouts. All will be glad they attended. We are committed to improving this event every year.

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Four simple words: Amish. Village. Bake. Shop.


Current tentative game list:

Zep Pro
Bond Prem.
Dragon (interflip)
Flash Gordon
Pinball Pool
Star Trek pro
Foo Fighters pro
Surf N Safari
Rush pro
Mini Pool
High Hand

Dolly Parton
Avengers Prem.
World Poker Tour

More info here:

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what’s the tgp math on this?

12 games for qualifiers = 48 TGP
TOP 24 3 games per rounds finals = 84 TGP
132% value-

I thought that first round with byes doesn’t count?

Sounds awesome. I skip most tourneys at shows just due to the time commitment. One of these days I’ll make the trek for those Amish pretzel wraps… and some pinball.

Yes. It’s unlike match play or pump and dump where you are really leashed to the tournament area the entire time and/or on someone else’s schedule.

I really wish there more limited entry tournaments like this. It makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways.


you can refer to this:
TGP Guide (

helpful table :slight_smile:

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Still wish you had like… 3 more entries. 15 tries at 12 games gives you 3 re-dos if a game just totally kicks your ass, and would actually make me want to choose a Dragonfist knowing I can get another chance

Ah thanks, was unaware of that table and misinterpreting the “shortest path to qualify for finals”

I would just like to note that one guy got under 300,000 points on his first game of his ticket last year on BKSOR and still made finals.

You can afford a couple stinkers!!

We toyed around with extra games but it just made sense to keep it how it is with the time constraints. And it really seemed to run smoothly.

And after 12 games last year I’d had enough! This tournament is the anti-farm!!

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If you are still in the area Sunday, come down to Mom’s Organic Market in Abington for a Foo Fighter Launch Party! 6 rounds of Group Matchplay and an amazing race final (total numbers of players in final vary depending on attendance).

Cost is $20, $10 going into the prize pool.
games are set to $.50 and Foo will be on Freeplay.

All participants will be entered to win the Foo Fighters banner and Foo Fighters Translite!


Does B finals start the same time as A?

Congrats to Ray Day for taking first, previously unknown (by me) David Horner for taking 2nd, beloved and respected competitor Eric Stone 3rd, and king of all pinball media Jeff Teolis (in yet another final 4!) for taking 4th.

Thanks to Greg, Austin, Jacob, nitzan, and the rest of our team for helping us make this best allentown Pinfest tournament ever.

I hope folks are warming up to the limited edition entry format for shorter shows like this; it really works out great. Lines were never an issue, and we had several folks show up at 6pm and still finish their tickets by the 9pm cutoff. All around it was incredibly efficient, and we were completely done by 4pm on Saturday; some vets may remember Allentown running late every year and finishing under threats of cut power at 9pm in years past.

We are really proud of how we’ve managed to turn this event around into a low Stress, enjoyable show that runs efficiently. We had around 150 folks this year and hope we can get even more people there next year.

Thanks to everybody who participated and see you next year!