Airports with pins?

I just occurred to me this might be a thing. When choosing a connecting flight, I would optimise for airports with arcades if any of the hubs had them.

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Does Denver still have pins? I haven’t seen them the last few times through, but I haven’t looked.

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MSP has two arcades, one with whatever the latest Stern is generally (and another game), then another with some busted old Sterns.

Yeah right, I wish. I look on pinball map whenever I travel but haven’t found one yet. At least airports have a lot of pokestops…



Nice! Are they in or outside the secure area? I have a two-hour layover in MSP on my way home from Pinbugh.

Regarding Louisville, they took out the game room a few months ago unfortunately. Even when it did have pins, they were in pretty miserable shape.

WHAT?? Wtf, Louisville! Last coupla times they had a NGG and HS2. Getaway was cool because there was some kind of malfunction and you could play forever.

Calgary has some machines behind security. Mostly Sterns, Usually in appalling shape, and without any updates applied.

Edmonton used to have some nicely maintained new Sterns, but I’ve been told they’re gone.

Inside. Don’t get your hopes up too much though. There was a IJ (Stern), PoTC, and some other hunk o’ junk right next to my terminal and I had an hour to kill. Lasted one ball on IJ before I gave up. None of the switches worked so the game was boring as hell. I remember the PoTC having super limp flippers too. Some of the worst pins I’ve ever played.

I think Boise airport used to have pins many years ago. I vaguely remember a friend telling me this.

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The same can be said when the switches do work. :wink:


I can confirm Edmonton still have 4 machines. ST pro, Ironman, RS, Indy. Only got to try ST. Clean, no tilt bob, original code. Didn’t try the other games, since my dollar lasted the 30 mins I needed to kill.

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We have layovers in Denver headed to the Cactus Jack’s Silverball Showdown, any updates on the airport pins there?

Can confirm Boise has an Addams Family. Pinball Map indicates it has a Ghostbusters too, but I didn’t see it.

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Seriously, airport trips are like the death of my legs, especially if I’m delayed for any reason because of this. Nothing like skimming every research task in the secure area of DFW for fun over 3 hours.

Speaking of DFW, there’s no pins in the airport proper but if you stay overnight/for the day there’s tons of bowling alleys and nice places to go. Pinstack down there has the 10 most recent Sterns in generally fair-good condition. SW had a busted left ramp and some games aren’t code updates, so watch for that. Also, you can booze at the pins, play 2 story laser tag, or just gawk at how awesome the place looks.

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Years ago, the Phoenix airport had a Big Bang Bar. Pretty sure it’s not there anymore.

I think Orlando had some in that “King of Kong” arcade (which despite the name does not have a Donkey Kong machine)

I’m interested in hearing about this. Was it one of the original prototypes or a reproduction?

It was an original, since it was probably 20 years ago. I’ll bet there are some discussions archived in the newsgroup. Here’s a post discussing it from 1999; there was also a prototype AFM and a Kingpin!