After the Dollar: A Review of the IFPA’s Endorsement Fee by Dennis Kriesel -...

The rate of State Reps retiring after the 2018 season was certainly higher than previous years.

I’m sure there’s some truth to your comments leading to volunteers having far less fun dealing with that stress this past season.

This would be a great opportunity to again thank each and every one of you who spends the time and effort to organize/assist any tournament or league. You gals and guys are amazing.


Sanjay you’re probably the nicest guy in pinball and if all the players were like you everyone would be stoked to TD all the time!


I think it’s been mentioned before in other threads, but I’ve always been in favor of IFPA leaders/workers (both the “executive” team that does all the IFPA/WPPR/results/database work, and the State reps that coordinate, plan, and run their SCS) should be compensated at least in some small fashion for all the time and effort they put in – not to mention all the complaining they have to deal with. I would make it some small % of the total $1 IFPA fees in states/provinces go to their respective reps, and then some small % of the amount allocated to the North America Championships being withheld to compensate the “exec” team. Non-N. America competitive communities should also compensate their local reps and the exec team, but they don’t have an easy financial mechanism in place to do so.

Based on the original blowback on the IFPA of “dollar-gate,” I would expect there to be many people that would disagree with my position. But I personally think it’s ridiculous that so many good people spend their valuable time providing a service that the competitive pinball world values, and yet receive nothing other than a warm fuzzy feeling for contributing to the hobby, along with the rare “thank you” online or in-person at events they run.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not my state’s IFPA rep, so this isn’t some money-grubbing on my part. Merely an acknowledgement of many other people putting in a LOT of time purely for the love of the hobby/sport. And I think it’s time that they receive compensation, even if it’s at a small level that pales in comparison with the amount of work they put in.

Other ideas have been floated as well during the $1 fee discussions, such as charging an annual IFPA membership fee. I think this would be fine, too, in addition to the $1 fee.


Huge fan of paying TDs!!! Techs too. I think they deserve it more than lower divisions.

Paying folks for work in 50+ jurisdictions sounds like a logistical nightmare.

If anyone should pay TDs it should be the operators since they are benefiting the most monetarily. Some TDs are the operators of arcades/bars where the tournament is, so they already benefit. A few of the arcades I’ve played at charge $10 or $20 admission fee (before any additional entry fee for prize money), so the $1 IFPA fee is paltry compared to this.

If a tournament is on a private collection then the TD can charge a fee to cover his/her time and food/drinks, etc. if they so desire.


This already even happens for a lot of on location tournaments. The TD gets an hourly wage or per-event pay from the venue.

Of course when the event has to pay for a venue instead of providing the venue with revenue from coin drop and alcohol sales, it’s an entirely different story.

all of our events i just pay the fees and players don’t even know basically.
it’s not pulled from payouts. i just pay it period. its honestly no big deal at all.

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How about comparing the US figures with the Australian figures, where the fee doesn’t apply? That might be informative.

When I cash at events, I typically give a percentage of my earnings back to the TD. They work hard, and it is generally a thankless job with long hours before, during and after the event.

Regarding IFPA fees: when I serve as TD, I just pay everybody’s $1.00 IFPA fee, and I give 100% of the prize pool back to the players. I make sure the prize pool allocation is transparent, because even modest pool sizes can make some people act weird.

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Number of Australian events:

2018 --> 368 events
2017 --> 355 events
2016 --> 214 events
2015 --> 225 events


we follow that model as well. transparency is a key for us as well.

Events in Northwest IN went to near zero, and the state lost almost 50% of its regular SCS attendees because of it (though events in other parts of the state did increase). I’m personally no longer eligible for SCS because I disagree with the IFPA illegally selling email addresses without consent.

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I can only speak for myself but this was actually the most fun I’ve had running state champs since we started. The higher payouts combined with our super state status meant everyone cared in a way I haven’t seen in past years, Additionally the event itself was a total blast and the competition was fierce. I absolutely loved every minute.

My decision to retire was mostly driven by the presence of two people who were qualified and eager, and an acknowledgement that it’s healthy to get some young blood involved. I came in to grow our scene and help mentor a set of amazing TDs, and watching that happen has been amazing and fulfilling. Having done that it’s only right I hand it over to them.


Of all the mountains to die on… XD


We all have our mountains, data privacy is one of mine. At least you’re not denying it. :slight_smile:


I’m not willing to die on it, but I genuinely admire that you are.


I dunno, Zach Sharpe seemed plenty well compensated after the NACS/Pin-masters.

He doesn’t actually do much for the IFPA, does he?

Well, unless you count the hardship and work associated with being Josh’s brother. :slight_smile: