AFM slam tilt bug

The AFM I play on location has slam tilted a few times lately prompting some conversation about a bug in the software that causes it to slam if a certain sequence of shots are hit. The general explanation is that it has to do with something like hitting the I target while a ball is going around the cow ramp. It happened to me during TA, but I didn’t have a good sense of where all the balls were at that exact moment.

No idea if it’s urban legend or just a flaky slam tilt switch. Anyone know about this?

Waiting on the op to get back to me on the ROM version.

My AFM has never slam tilted. I have not heard of this behavior. It seems far more likley that your AFM has a switch matrix or other problem than a bug that would cause this problem.

Exactly, it’s most likely you have a bad diode somewhere causing a complete-the-square short.

Thanks guys. That makes much more sense to me than the wacky lore I’ve been hearing about.

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If it just started. See if any stand up targets have been replaced - most likely wired wrong or diode on backwards. Then check switches exposed to ball hits, like on ramps, a good chance wiring/switch lugs/diode are shorting together.
LTG : )