Advice on how to re-theme a pinball machine

Hi all, I have a pinball machine that I purchased for very little money, mechanics work very well, no problems. I want to re-theme the game, mostly just the playfield and side cabinet art and backglass. I’m totally new to the re-theme process and would prefer to do everything by hand. Can anyone point me in the direction of a How To guide? I’m mostly wondering what kinds of materials to use, type of paint, application and then how to finish the surface so the playfield is playable, smooth and protected. I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!!!

Which machine is this?

I can’t tell you how to do anything in particular but there are a lot of people over on Pinside that are doing these sorts of projects and you should be able to find plenty of threads documenting some of the processes. Just keep an eye out for the folks over there that seem to know everything except what they don’t know—there are quite a few of them and they tend to talk the most.

Here are a couple I know of because this is one of my good friends… netiher are entirely a retheme but there are many similar exercises documented.

Wow!!! That Frontier restoration and custom cabinet art is incredible!

Right?!? It’s even nicer looking in person. Same for Getaway.

it is a home use game called Alpine

excellent, thanks Jay!