ACE Ratings...make them better

At the Amazing Race this year I decided to quickly throw together a ratings system for live stream viewers to have a small amount of pinball skills info about whoever was playing pinball at the time. They were completely optional self-assessments that we tried to keep as simple and minimal as possible. As far as the premise, interest ranged between indifferent to ‘loved it’. The execution is definitely lacking though and I assume others could do a better job with it if they wanted to somehow implement this to their broadcast.

Let me know what improvements you would make. As a regular competitive pinball viewer I would be interested to see this concept catch on. If you think it could improve the viewing experience, please feel free to give it a shot during the stream and let me know how it goes.


It is an interesting idea. Personally, my highest rank was top 100, and I don’t feel like I can honestly spend 25 points on my skills.

Same here…I assume there’s a more objective way to rate things I just don’t have the capacity to figure it out.

I would include “recovery” as a skill on its own. Maybe separate out adjustment. I really like this conceptually both for myself as a player and a viewer.

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I think it’s great as is, fun little extra thing to see on the stream. 10/7/10 checking in.

I like to think of the “point salary” as just a guideline, and people don’t need to use them all or if they want to go above they can. For instance by definition the number one player in the world is a 10/10/10 compared to everyone else, ha

10/8/10 in my humble opinion :slight_smile:

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I think “Zone” should be part of it. I play really well if I get “In the zone”. Some people can turn it on at will, while others this happens rarely, or after a long warm up period. Definitely can affect all of your other skills if you can’t get this going.
So, if I’m in the zone… 10/9/4

Sending mine here so it’s all in one spot.


Ypsipinball’s rating of me

So we as streamers are to be just spouting our opinions of players’ ACE ratings on stream? That could be dangerous.

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This was sent to me as a joke by ypsi when they were first setting up the graphic. There is always the potential of streamers/commentators spouting unwanted opinions, it happens all too often. Not sure if visual graphics would add to that or not but I do think it’s worth considering, or addressing before a stream.

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But tbh, I agree with them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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