ACDC Pro - Ball save MB

I am sure this has happened everyone. It’s happened to me twice now, in the 6 months or so since I’ve had my ACDC Pro. I am guessing it has everything to do with the plastic skirt in this machine.

Power drain down the left outlane triggering the ball save, meanwhile the drained ball bounces off the skirt and up onto a flipper…voila! Ball save multi ball!

Both times it happened the game seemed to operate in normal single ball play, just with two balls in play. After draining one ball the game let me continue with the remaining ball. The second time it happened I was able to start jam mb and I got served a third ball…bonus, 3ball jam mb!

It made me wonder…if this happens in a tournament does one play on (and remember to make a suitable tribute to the pinball gods)?

Nope. Trap up and ask for a ruling. At that point the TD should ask you to drain 1 of the balls.

The alternative would be to drain 1 of the balls without checking with anyone, but I wouldn’t advise it in case it ends your ball prematurely.


Good to know, thanks Steve! That makes sense since it’s a significant advantage. The game let me proceed as normal so I thought the ruling might be “that’s pinball, play on”.

That’s the new house rule at my house now😁

Great call. I hadn’t thought about this. Most know what the ruling would be, but it’s good CYA for the TD to be there if your ball happens to end prematurely.

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If we’re talking about IFPA endorsement for an event at your house, this is not a problem as long as the rule is spelled out somewhere that all players are made aware of.

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It’s just the rule for home play. I play strictly according to the rules in tournaments!

Your reply made me think of a similar incident that happened to me at pinburgh a couple years ago. I drained on an EM, but the ball caromed through to the shooter lane in a flash. We finally concluded that’s what happened since there was no bonus countdown and extra balls were not available. If I recall correctly, the TD’s ruling was to plunge the ball (so I got the bonus) which I thought was 100% fair.

To clarify, and I’m sure this is how it was resolved, the TD placed the ball back in the drain (without triggering any other switches – i.e., not a plunge). Because the ball ended, your turn ended. If the machine gave you the ball back at that point, it would have still been your turn.


Happened to Gagno on Tron during the NWPC finals a few years ago. Eventual ruling was to drain one of the balls.

I feel like, if I was the player, knowing the normal ruling, I’d consider just draining it, and if my ball ended getting a ruling for premature end of ball, to avoid having to try to cradle up and wait for a TD


You know, you’re right, I remember it now. I was sure I got my bonus though!

Why risk it? If no one witnesses anything, then it’s just your word against the TD, who might reasonably rule that with no evidence, you get nothing.

Because whenever you wait for a TD to come you immediately miss your next shot and drain :frowning: