A Playa Gotta Congratulate Himself Around Here?!

Hey a few days ago Ray Day managed to win another big show, becoming the Back 2 Back IFPA World champ.

Nice job Ray! Have fun at NW this weekend, can’t say I’ll miss having to try to take you down in Atlanta. Already got to deal with traveling through the Stone Zone and the Trent WPPRfield!


Just watched the finals, nice job everybody.
Great commentating as always Levi, coupla real good laughs in there.

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Final match:

SnS Whirlpool Millions: Very important.

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Well cool. At least one other person gonna be drinking Gfuel at SFGE. See you there Levi!

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LOL yeah seeya there.

And to answer your chat question I’m partial to the Lemon Ice flavor. Tastes subtle (as far as G Fuel goes!) and mixes good with vodka.

I’m not good with chat as I’m focused on the action.

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How’s the shooter lane on that WWE LE?


Put up the Elite 8 and Final 4 coverage today too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGGkQXS0rT0


another impressive run from @raydaypinball for sure :slight_smile: