A gentle request: Please stay home if you have a cold, flu or other contagious disease. And also, let's not vilify people.

Dear Pinball Friends,

When you’re planning to attend a pinball event, there is a lot of anticipation and excitement leading up to the event. Checking out the games list, making plans with friends, etc. Maybe you’re spending money on hotels, flights, event tickets, etc.

But if you get a cold, flu or something else, please change your plans. I know it’s hard to let all that go, but for the good of everyone, please stay home.

It’s true that people can (partially) manage their own risk by getting flu shots, masking, wearing gloves, staying home themselves, etc. .

It’s also true that people are probably unwittingly walking around with asymptomatic infections all the time. It’s reasonable for all players to assume that they will come into contact with infected people at most events.

But if someone is definitely sick or tests positive, it would be really considerate to stay home. This reduces spread in pinball (and elsewhere). Let’s save our pinball friends from a few days of feeling crummy.

And I say this as someone who is currently at home watching the INDISC stream because I had a fever and stomach problems a few days ago. Trust me – I’d love to be there in the midst of it all!

A note to those who feel the same way:
If you’re itching to quickly reply in agreement, please do so GENTLY. There’s a lot of divisiveness about disease, vaccines, etc. . We all have different perspectives and values. Let’s not vilify people. Let’s be kind to one another.

A note to Tournament Directors:
Please consider making a really friendly refund policy to make it financially easier to back out of an event due to illness. I realize this makes event planning harder. And I realize a minority of people might use this to game the system. But if you can, please be flexible.


Very well stated.

well with INDISC with that $1000 ticket even with an 75% + fees is an lot and will push some to come even when sick.

So don’t make the costs / pots to high as well.