91 million crossbow shot. How?

At the space city open finals this past weekend, Allen Robertson hit a 91 million point crossbow shot on TWD to secure the win. It was awesome, despite personally being on the receiving end of it.

How the heck did he do it? I’ve never seen a crossbow shot that valuable. How is crossbow value determined?

91 million is 7 x 13 million. You should watch the video for a few minutes before the start of this clip and see if it’s possible that he got to 7X. That’s my guess.

As far as building the crossbow value, I know that it increases via the Weapons drops and goes up when you don’t collect it. I’d love to hear the specifics, though.

Yeah he definitely hit the shot X. So it was either a 7x or 13x multiplier. Does the shot multiplier top out? 7x seems most likely. Then he only question is how the base crossbow value got to 13m…

I vaguely remember hearing somewhere that it’s related to mode performance / multi kills on that ball…

I was there live and I still can’t believe it…

I’ve been wondering about how to build Crossbow value as well. We have a pro and I’ve scored GIANT Crossbow shots. Like 400-500M by combining a shot multiplier with 2x PF shooting a shot that has a multikill on it. Crossbow Frenzy can be worth a truck-load too, even if your 3 Crossbow shots to start the Frenzy weren’t that high. So I’m definitely at a loss for how the value increases but it’s absolutely a strategy of mine on a Pro. I’m a mess with a Premium Crossbow.

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A local friend who has put up even larger Crossbow numbers (200m+) says the base value is determined by the number of walker kills you have before Crossbow. I don’t have proof of this but he seems to really know what to do.

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That’s super interesting and does make sense to me. It always seemed that later into the game Crossbow shots were worth much more despite playing modes fairly mediocre and only dropping the bank on Weapons a handful of times.

Hold on. The ball rolls over the X, goes up into the pops and hits 5 of them, then comes down and he hits the crossbow shot. I would have thought that the pop hits would absorb the multiplier, and the crossbow shot would be normal value.

Edit - rewatched and realized he hits 5 pops and 2 star rollovers. I am very surprised that this doesn’t end the multiplier opportunity. How many switch hits would it take?

I thought so too, but apparently the pops and the star rollovers don’t consume the “X.”

I’d assume the X ignores those (what if you were in multiball?) and gives a few seconds for you to hit a ‘shot’

The crossbow score is based on the number of walkers killed since the last time a walker was killed using the crossbow.

It used to reset after each ball if you drained, but v1.60 changed that default:

“CROSSBOW scores carryover ball to ball changed from NO to YES. This should help make CROSSBOW FRENZY more valuable.”


Nope. They are minor switches. X stays active until you hit enough minor switches or one major one. So it’s still active if you hit a couple pops, slings and maybe even drops. Stand ups too I think.

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It definitely scales with walker kills. I think it’s something like:

crossbow value = ( 1mil + (500k * number of crossbow shots) + ( (500k + 125k*number of crossbow shots)*number of walker kills since your last crossbow shot) ) * playfield X * inlane X

Only successful crossbow shots count, and the crossbow’s walker kill counter carries over if you drain, but resets once you cash it in. If your crossbow shot also has a walker lit, this is scored after the crossbow and not included in the above calculation.

In that video, there were 24 walker kills on his first crossbow shot with a 7x inlane multiplier. (1mil + 24 * 500k)*7 = 91mil.


That makes sense! Wow, I really need to start paying attention to my walker counts now. Ilve been leaving so many points on the table.

Yet another way the premium+ differs from the pro. No multiplier opportunity available on the machines with the physical crossbow.

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Premium should be able to multiply crossbow frenzy shots if stacked with a multiball (another ball can trigger the X after the crossbow is loaded). Have not confirmed during gameplay however.

it doesn’t just carry over from the ramp shot? that’s too bad

Wuuut?? That’s a spicy crossbow.

Right?? I mean it’s rare because I’ll usually blow the shot if my shot multiplier is significant but Crossbow is something I always keep in mind. Frankly I’m better with that than I am the CDC mode which can yield the same insane cash-out level. I absolutely love how CDC works but it causes me more stress than any feature on any game. :crazy_face:

At least with crossbow if you screw it up you can just try again. Apparently at a higher value since you shot more walkers between attempts.

As for the Premium, I had always wondered if Lyman factored in the shot multiplier with the crossbow. Like if you use the multiplier then load Crossbow, the game isn’t smart enough to know to apply it to a made shot with the toy? Honestly, I so rarely make the shot I have never known if it does or not. I can only hit Bicycle Girl’s giant head with that thing.