4 ACDC Luci videos by Pinball Mayhem

Here are 4 videos from Pinball Mayhem on ACDC Luci edition. I would like to thank Russ for the use of his machine and in helping to film this. Let me know what you think?

Jeremy & the Pinball Mayhem crew

P.S. I didn’t want to spam the forum so I waited until all of the videos were posted. I will be starting another thread for Pinball Mayhem releases that I will add to as videos are posted. We release videos at least once a week.

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Nice looking game. Bummer that they haven’t got the cannon clearance figured out yet still. That was an issue on the original games too so I would have thought they would have addressed that.

Bummer about the mini PF as well. I know a lot feel it’s an upgrade but that just confirmed my concerns with it (effecting slow ball travel). Good thing you are experienced and know to look for those things so you got it leveled before playing. Just feel for those first time owners.

Great game still and I hope you enjoy it. I’ve had my AC/DC since original launch (first batch of premiums) and have loved it!

Thanks for the reply, It’s great you have an original premium. It’s a fun game and I like the artwork :+1: