4-2-1-0 or 3-2-1-0 Scoring for Finals?

Hello Everyone!

We’re hosting the PHILA League finals tomorrow, and it’s our first iteration of this event. Finals are four-player Match-Play.

Originally I had intended:
PAPA-Style scoring (4-2-1-0) - First, Second, Quarters are 3-Game Rounds; Semis and Finals are 4-Game Rounds.

We’re going to have everything be 4-Game rounds now, because people love pinball. A member suggested switching to Pinburgh-Style scoring (3-2-1-0) since they are all 4-Game rounds.

Any thoughts from the group? For a 4-Game round, what scoring format do you like? Thanks in advance.

7,5,3,1. Can’t go wrong with all 4 player groups though.

While I certainly understand the logic behind using PAPA-style scoring, our league uses 3-2-1-0 (7,5,3,1 – same thing). We prefer this because it awards players a point per win, which is simple and straightforward. One problem with 4-2-1-0 scoring is that the game’s winner gets a bonus point regardless of margin of victory over 2nd place; whether they win by 100 or 100 million, they get that bonus point.

I use the 7-5-3-1 so everyone gets at least a point (feels better for beginner players) even if it is the same principle as 3-2-1-0 :slight_smile:


LOL how about “traditional PAPA” scoring of 10-5-1-0.

There ARE reasons for that, I would imagine chief among them encouraging players to go all out to win the game instead of “playing it safe” since 3rd is basically a tiebreaker determination; you’re unlikely to win the round with a couple of 3rds. I imagine it was an evolution from something like 6-3-1-0 (each higher place is more valuable) that causes ties less often.

Just depends on what you’re looking to do. You’ll get way more ties with a version of 3-2-1-0 than 4-2-1-0 (IIRC, did some analysis of this years ago), and even less ties with 10-5-1-0.

I should look that analysis up… I know I tried wacky things like 1000-100-10-1 too.

EDIT: I found it. Apparently we discussed it here.