365 Days of Pinball

In 2017, I’m going to play pinball every day, and I’m writing about it here-

I’m going to try and make it as much of it location play as possible, but I’m sure there will be some “played X-Men LE at home again” posts mixed in there too. I’m in Key West for the next two weeks dealing with some family stuff, so you’ll see a catalog of some really beat up location machines here. Check it out!


Interesting. Any goal as far as location to home play splits?

Great question. I’m going to decide now that my goal is to have 3/7 days a week be location play. (TBD- can I bank location play, like the two weeks I’m about to get now)

I’d say so. Just set a goal for say 155 days of location for the full year and just keep that in mind when you need to maybe make up for some location days. Instead of setting a per week goal.

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Do you think there could possibly be a detriment to playing every day? You could get pinball fatigue.

Fatigue? I get stressed if I don’t play every day. If it’s getting past 6pm and I haven’t played yet, I’m thinking about it hard. And I play way too much on location. Wouldn’t want it to be public information. People might call me a slacker. Not every day, but a lot of hours a week. Occasionally play at home. I’m lucky in that I have decent games nearby. I have two other friends who are the same way. Every day, unless something comes up.

During that Stern contest it occurred to me that some day in the future games could record your single player game time, wherever you play. Maybe with a fingerprint. If they could ever do that and make it bulletproof, I’d have a shot at winning a free pin. The biggest fan is the one who plays the most.

Best of luck on your quest. I’ll check in now and then.


Not worried about that at all :slight_smile:


Have fun!

I used your posts to get http://pinballmap.com/southflorida/ map up to date. You can search by “zone” to limit it to key west (or just search by proximity) to see what’s nearby.

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I started doing this in 2013. I made it everyday that year, even getting out of bed and stumbling to a machine to play when I had a bad flu. I also had to fight an ice storm to make it to a bowling alley to play around the Christmas holidays. I have continued it every year since. I have missed a few days in these past couple of years but other days I play more to kinda make up for it. The 24 hour Sanctum Battle is helpful for getting in hours of play. I love that you are going to blog about this! It really helps your game if you practice that much. I also like that you are planning on playing so much on location. Good Luck!

@A.M.Bush I can attest to the fact that I didn’t get pinball fatigue from playing every day. Just some days I wouldn’t play for as long as other days. The trick is to keep it fun, sometimes I would go for silly objectives rather then good scores.


What happened? :neutral_face:

I’ve been playing every day, and posting to Twitter- but I’m horrible at updating the Tumblr.