30 day rental GOT Challange

So tomorrow I’ll be picking up a Game of Thrones pro to rent for 30 days. I have little time on GOT. This will also be the first machine to ever be in my possession at home. Here’s what I’m thinking. I’d like to have a list of objectives to check off as I learn how to play it. Since so many of us are renting games, this could be a fun topic for several games to have as a reference on how to learn them quickly. Thoughts? Please make suggestions on goals (like in the pinball arcade). Thanks!

Here’s my list I’d recommend:

Blackwater MB super jackpot

Wall MB super jackpot

Winter has come multiball SJP

Hand of the King super jackpot hurry up (collected after about 3 waves completed depending on the houses you have)

Score a max value in Baratheon mode (150mm)

Score a max value stark mode (150mm)

Score a billion points

Score 2 billion points

Defeat all three dragons to defeat the Targaryen house

Reach the Iron Throne Wizard Mode

Especially on the new code, all this stuff is very achievable especially if you plan to put some serious play on it.


I rented my GoT to one of my regular players during our stay at home, he wants to have a kind of battle stream with other GoT owners too
If you are interested in joining in shoot him a DM @Fliptronic to sign up and play.

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Practice starting Greyjoy, Lannister, and Blackwater MB together. That’s the standard quality stack in the game.

Practice finishing Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, and Tyrell to go into HOTK.
For a better but difficult variation, try finishing Targaryen, Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrell, then HOTK.
Learn how to use the playfield X button in Lannister.
Learn how to use the outlane save button in Baratheon.

For a real challenge, try speed runs to get to HOTK. Stark is your best bet here.

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When I had my Got (admittedly old code) my targets after setting GC and completing Irom Throne were:

Castle MB
Get to Iron Throne with each of the houses
Max spinner out - by completing drops
Max combos out - collect all swords for 25x shots

Lots of different things to aim for if you ignore scores.

This changed with the new code. Only way to max the spinner now is to complete every house. You’re limited to the spinner level to the houses you’ve completed plus one. Max level is 8.


I was lucky enough to have a GOT pro on loan right when the new codes rolled out.

I’d put benchmark goals point wise. It’ll force you to understand how the combo shots work and what sequences mesh well together. Once you figure that out with Lannister, billion point games will be the norm.

Stark mode for free shooting in HOTK stacked with Lannister while hitting combos and multiplier spamming is hilariously lucrative.

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Stark gives you the ability to clear a house with the action button… right?

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Yep. Default is once per ball

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