2nd Annual NKY Pinball Open


Figured I would get a thread going for this now that we are just a week away. Saturday June 30th.

Group Matchplay Tournament at my house.

A and B division finals (no restrictions)

Stream will be at:


Streaming from 10:30am to the end of the event.


This is the exact format that will be ran for the Pincinnati Saturday event save for B div finals being group Matchplay instead of split flipper.

Also Pincinnati is limited to 64 players instead of 40.


Final game list:

Dipsy Doodle!!
Jungle Queen
Odds and Evens
MET pro
Big Game
Flight 2000

Games available to play but not in the tournament:

Grand Prix (skips players still)
Vector (plays fine and will use as a back up if needed)


Player List:

First Name Last Name
Shannon Moody
Collin Foust
Jeremy Hendricks
Brian Weisberg
Kurt John
Samantha Luke
Nate Luke
Eric Fear
Bob Kloentrup
Chelso Ciotti
Daniel Robinson
Chris Renninger
Drew Donohue
Michael Hartman
Josh Selter
Tony Behr
Jesse Sevier
Robert Gaines
Kimberly Martinez
Michael Dawn
Roy Richey
John Finnegan
Dale Nunn
Andria Nunn
Brady Heuser
Justin Masterson
Haley Masterson
Ken Guenther
Mark Smith
Jerry Westerkamp
Jeff Westerkamp
Stuart Nyswonger
Joel Bergantino
Chad Hobbs
Darren Martin
Jesse Baker
Evan Bingham
Ross Bergantino
Erik Wurtenberger
Sean Davis


Matt gauslin
Greg knight
Kevin Holland
Linsey Rodgers
Zach jones
Jeff wilson
Casey Pardon
Ryan Sebree


Looking forward to this. Stream should be good. Here is a link to the last tourney Erik streamed from his place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee8ES0zPKHM&t=13673s

We will once again have Scott Vieth doing commentary full time. So there should be quality commentary all day. We will get lots of other people on the mic as well.


Yep. Thanks for the plug Hobbs. Come one come all! Should be a good stream all day.


Today’s the day!! Streaming starts at 11 am eastern.



Thanks so much to everyone that played, helped with the stream, and the tournament. It was a great one!!


Awesome time, 'Rik! Thanks again :slight_smile:


The stream was so good, there were people watching it in the living room at around a 10 second delay, instead of going to the basement to watch it live. Fantastic event Erik, I can’t wait for Pincinnati!



I would’ve loved to have played but watching it on Twitch while working was pretty good too. If pinball on Twitch ever takes off Scott has a great career as lead commentator. His 8+ hours of on camera commentary of pinball action was impressive. The camera rig worked well moving it to important games. Impressive all the way around.


Thanks for the kind words matt! You were missed for sure. Hopefully next time you can make it.