24-Hour Battle for the Kids (Sanctum style west coast event in San Francisco)

So an opportunity arose to support the local children’s hospital which we were able to place a pinball machine in through Project Pinball and it just happens to be the same weekend as the 24-hour Battle at the Sanctum so those of you on the west coast who want to try that format, please join us. This is not at the same scale as the awesome event at The Sanctum that I had so much fun at but we’re doing it in San Francisco at The Myriad. More details will be posted to the Facebook event page and it’s registered in IFPA as well.

If you just want to support the cause, you can donate directly to my player page here as well.


Great idea! It’s a super fun tournament, and as the Sanctum event grows in (well-deserved) popularity it’d be super cool to see more people copy it In different locations.

Good luck with the fund raiser. Being the TD for a 24 hour event gives you all the adrenaline you need. No caffeine required!

Any other tips? :slight_smile: You guys do an amazing job and I’m bummed I’m not able to make it back this year!

Yeah. Sleep the night before (I always forget prepping for the event) and get use to DQ’ing everyone. It will happen and often. Those late hours people are plunging balls not knowing what the hell they are doing.

If no one is yelling your name for an issue and no scoresheets are in SIT DOWN. You won’t get many of those opportunities!

I’m assuming I should take you off the waitlist since you are running another event now? :wink:

Great tips from the master - thanks man! And uh, yeah, go ahead and take me off :slight_smile: