2022 The Pinball Super Series

2022 Pinball Super Series is Oct 6th-9th, 2022 at District 82 Pinball in De Pere, WI

6 Tournaments, 4 Days, All Finals Formats, All Direct Play, All games count toward your overall standings in the Series
You will play a lot of pinball and not get much sleep
Major Emphasis is placed on the overall Series Standings this year
Full Details can be found on the District 82 Event Page Here:
100+ Pinball Machines on Free Play the whole weekend
Each individual tournament should be 100% TGP
No separate qualifying or finals
No switch to all classics at 10PM
Each tournament has a payout for the top 8
Overall placement in the Series is based on finishing posting in each individual tournament. The series will look at finishing position of each individual tournament on a linear basis and award points. 1st place 100 points, 2nd place 99 points, 3rd place 98 points, etc. No points awarded for 101st place or lower in any 1 tournament. Add all 6 tournaments together and you get your overall score. The highest score is the overall winner.
Top 20 Overall get a payout
See website for full payout details
$24,000 in prize money with 150 players
$370 Entry Fee for the whole Super Series and will be paid in advance
$370 ($220 Admission to D82 + $150 Tournament Fees)
100% Tournament fees are paid back to players as the prize money

Registration will be a 2 step process.

  1. 150 Spots. Registration opens on Saturday July 16th at 9AM Central Time. This will be the same as it has always been for every event I have every held. This is the part you need to be quick. Click on the blue ‘register’ button when it appears (after hitting F5) exactly at 9AM or later on July 16th on the event page. Type in your name and email address and hit ‘submit’. That is the rush part and once you have completed that take your time to pay for the event.
  2. Pay for your entry. You can pay by Credit Card or Pay Pal but you need to do it by Noon on Sunday. If you haven’t paid by Noon on Sunday you will be removed and the next person on the waitlist will be moved up to registered and be given a day to pay for there entry. I have a ‘Buy Now’ button on the website that will go active at 9:15AM on July 16th. It takes you to Square Pay which is my credit card company. The total cost of the event is $370 including sales tax. Once you pay for it you will get another email as a receipt. You can also pay using pay pal by sending ekthoren@yahoo.com $370 after you are registered. I also have a cash option only for people who are coming to Tilt’n Tuesday on July 19th. No matter which option you choose the total cost will be $370.

Filled up as of 9:07.

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Glad I got in! The website was looking dicey for a minute. Haha

It filled up Quick! I took out all the duplicates (I think). The registration list is updated. Hopefully everyone remembers to pay by Noon Tomorrow :grinning:

Yeah, it kept circling after I registered, didn’t transition to an updated page. I opened a second tab to it after a minute or so and found that it had started updating the player list on that. That second tab I could update and the count kept going up. The original tab, with my reg on it in faded-white lettering, kept circling for quite a while. BTW, when I signed up, it said “132 available” - there were 18 held out in advance (did Josh raise the limit, I thought it was 12?), so either I was the first one in or it wasn’t refreshing that value yet. When I checked my email, I did have a confirmation of reg at 9:01. Hope nobody missed out because of the page reloading pause.