2022 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show (NWPAS)

The Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show (NWPAS) provides competitive pinball players in the Pacific Northwest a high-quality pinball tournament experience, that begins with the satellite series, and ends with several major events at the show, including the prestigious NW Women’s Pinball Championship, a uniquely designed Open Match Play Tournament, and the nation’s best attended PinGolf event.

This page provides a summary of the NWPAS tournament schedule and summary of each tournament at the show, Friday June 3 through Sunday June 5, 2022.

For information on the satellite tournaments held across the PNW, from Portland to Marysville and everywhere in between, Click Here

Here are the announced tournament machines:

Stream information for the Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show:

First for the Tournaments! All tournament streams will be found on Twitch here: http://twitch.tv/geekgamertv

Coverage will kick off on Friday, June 3rd at 2pm and continue throughout the weekend with various announcers and events to include: Women NW Championship Qualifying, Open Match Play and Pingolf!

Next for the Seminars! The seminars will get their dedicated home LIVE on the GeekGamerTV YouTube Page! http://youtube.com/geekgamertv

For Friday’s Seminars (starting Friday at 3:15pm):

For Saturday’s Seminars (starting Saturday at 12:15pm):

If you happen to miss any of the events, they will be archived on the GeekGamerTV Twitch and YouTube pages.

All times are subject to change due to technical issues/unforeseen problems/etc. For up-to-date information, please be sure to follow GeekGamerTV on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/GeekGamerTV

If you have any questions/comments/feedback, please feel free to leave them here! Looking forward to a great weekend of Pinball in the PNW!


Wrapping up the Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show tournaments by saying a big THANK YOU!

The tournament would not happen without the support from many MANY people, or without players choosing to come to the show and come participate!

We had 196 unique players in the OPEN Matchplay tournament this year, 163 in CLASSIC Pingolf, 69 in the Women’s Championship and 60 in the Rookie event. For the first year post COVID, a 3 years cap, people came in force, from the area and from multiple states and provinces!

Due to generosity of our sponsor and growth in attendance our cash prizes paid over $20,000, as well as Trophies and plaques for all top 4 finishers. The winner of the OPEN Matchplay won $2,000-

We welcome any feedback and comments to make these tournaments better every year (contact@seattlepinballsuperleague.com).

Of course, this could not have happened without all our INCREDIBLE volunteers, sponsors and partners. I am always worried to call out people by name as there has been SO MANY people helping out (you know who you are!).
All the people volunteering to help the tournaments, over 20 people from Thursday morning to Sunday evening, helping setting up, tearing down, dialing up, fixing, cleaning, registering, etc…

The people joining the TD team, Jasmijn, Al Gird and Lonnie were critical in keeping the tournaments going. Special thanks to Travis, Alex and Tis working extra hard on setting up and fixing the games.

Massive kudos to GeekGamer.TV, with our first experience trying to stream qualifying and finals for several divisions. All the set up, support and preparation cannot be underestimated.

We rely on generous local collector to loan us game for our events, this could not happen without them either, thank you!

BIGGEST THANKS to the Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show which none of this would be possible without their great support of the events.

And also our sponsors, which help making this event better and provide for better payout for all finalist. Shorty’s for sponsoring the Open Matchplay as well as Waterland Arcade sponsoring the B-Division, 8-Bit Arcade and The Triple Knock sponsoring the Women’s Championships, Olaf’s the Classic Pingolf and Another Castle the Rookie event.

let’s pack away the show until next year, if you want some more pinball competition look into the Northwest Pinball Championships 2022 in September.