2022 Great Lakes Pinball Open

Great Lakes Pinball Open Tournaments at District 82
5 Tournaments over 3 days (Friday-Sunday)
April 8th-10th plus practice night on Thursday April 7th
$225 Per Player
120 Player Cap
100+ Machines on Free Play the whole time
Registration opens December 18th, 2021 at 10AM Central Time
Full Details, Tournament Formats, Cost Breakdown, Prize Payouts, etc are on District 82 website here:
That is also the place you go to sign up for the event when registration opens
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If you’ve never played here you’re missing out. Beautiful venue and games are all well maintained. TDs were all fantastic and event ran silky smooth. Definitely not missing this event.


My winters stink for work. Any big events in the fall again? Would love to come back!

The plan is 2 big (one day) and 2 big (multi-day) events for the year.
Winter 2X Feb 19th, 2022
GLPO April 8-10th, 2022
Summer 2X August Something, 2022
Super Series October Something, 2022
For Super Series I need to wait for packers schedule so I make sure its an away game or no one will get a hotel room within 40 miles of Green Bay
Even though these are all the big ones most of my other weekend tournaments are good to play at if you’re within driving distance.


Is it normal for the NFL schedule to not be released until May? Just want to know how much lead time we’ll have to plan for this, thanks!

Yes I think it comes out in May. I’ll have it scheduled shortly thereafter. So you should have 4-5 months notice. I really can’t just guess a day and go for it cause if it ends up being a Packer home weekend you will literally not find a hotel room and if you do its a lot of money per night.


I give it two years before D82 is so big that the Packers have to check your schedule before they make theirs. :smirk:


That would be kinda of ironic since the Packers made Erik change his original name at the time……Titletown Pinball. :joy:


No the NFL will just buy you out and shut you down.

Looking forward to April at District 82. It seems to be the new version of Modern Pinball in NYC back six or so years ago - - massive WPPR generation facility. Good thing for them the “divide the points for more than one event per year” rule went away. Still seems odd you can have two full-value events in one day, though. Having 5 in 4 days at Indisc seemed like a stretch.

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We like our 17 hours of pinball.


Unlike Modern Pinball NYC though the players showing up and competing exist


I personally love what District 82 does in terms of “two-full-value-events-in-a-day”. If I’m looking at the pattern it’s:

  • All Match-Play; no Best Game. Puts a cap on the number of players, but allows for a tighter timeline to execute two events in a day.
  • First event of the day is a MatchPlay event with no eliminations. Everyone plays all the rounds, and then there’s a dinner break.
  • Second event of the day is an elimination format.

I think the combination of the two above is supremely optimal for player/time optimization. Once you’re out of the second event, you can leave (whether to catch on sleep for the next day’s events or to go home).

We did a New Year’s Day event modeled on the same concept (14-Round Match Play followed by 8-Strike Fair Strike on Classics). Undoubtedly it was a LONG day but if you’re getting a large group of players together like that might as well max out the WPPRs, especially if you can convince the host to put on a brisket for dinner in between rounds.

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Wait what? Details please!

You totally beat me to making this point :slight_smile:

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There was only one Superleague and it was before you were born.


that IS a good point, i was thinking the strike event wasn’t as “time optimized” since it went past the “13 rounds” a limited matchplay lenght event would need to get 100%, but that was from a TD perspective that has to stay until it is over :slight_smile:
From a player perspective, only the most hardcore and winning players stay the longest in the 2nd event as a knockout while other get to leave early, nicely thought out-


August 12-13 will be Summer 2X
1st, 2nd or 3rd weekend in Oct will be the Super Series. I’m waiting on Packers Schedule to come out first.

Understandable. Hoping it is within a week or so of last year. That timing was perfect for me. Thanks!

Packers need to be asking YOU about D82’s schedule so they can schedule their football games accordingly. :slight_smile: