2021 Delaware Tour Championship - 12/11

The largest trophy in all of pinball patiently awaits for its winner! Standing 6 foot and 3 inches, this trophy along with $1100 cash and over 30 WPPRS will go home with the winner of the 2021 Delaware Tour Championship being held on 12/11!

40 players will battle it out using the circuit finals format to declare the overall winner! Over $3000 in cash to hand out!

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The 2021 Delaware Tour Championships is in the books, and the event lived up to the hype! This event took place at the brand new Delaware Pinball Collective and the format used mimics the old Stern Pro Circuit Finals where the first 2 rounds are 4-player match play across 4 games until only 10 players remain and then it switches to the ladder format.

Thanks to everyone who attended today. We had over $3500 in cash and prizes to hand out for a local event!!! 40 players made up the field and it should be worth 30 WPPRS to the winner. IFPA results have already been submitted!

The ladder finals produced a ton of great matches, but the excitement came down to the final match up of Rob DeStasio versus Jason Zahler in a best of 3 format. Rob won game #1 on Eight Ball with Jason taking game #2 on Aerosmith. The final game was an epic battle on Williams Grand Prix with Rob just barely edging out Jason 843,980 to 840,460!!!

Below are the full results for A/B/C finals. Don’t forget we have 3 final tournaments being held on 12/27, 12/28, and 12/29 all at the Collective. Check the Events tab for more info!

Congratulations to all the winners!

“A” Division Winners:

  1. Robert DeStasio - $1100 + 6 foot trophy
  2. Jason Zahler - $400
  3. Andrew Pancoast - $300
  4. Bob Choate - $200
  5. Steve Zahler - $100
  6. Elliott Keith - $90
  7. John Hurd - $85
  8. Chad Hastings - $80
  9. Stefano Pinti - $75
    10.Ken Rossi - $70

“B” Division Winners:

  1. Sanjay Shah - $150 + Ryan Claytor LE Pinball Watch
  2. Mike Veith - $100
  3. Jeff Mack - $75

“C” Division Winners:

  1. Tom Langley - $100 + Guardians Translite
  2. Piper Pratzner - $75
  3. Rick Prince - $50