2019 IFPA Pingolf Rules

I was reading the TGP guide and needed clarification. The TGP says the following:


  • Scoring must be based strictly on the number of balls played.
  • No penalty strokes may be added for anything other than not reaching the target score.
  • Should a player not reach the target score in the number of balls allowed the organizer has 2 options
    • Option 1 –> Add a 1 stroke penalty to the number of balls played. For example, if the game is set up for 3 ball play, failing to reach the target score would result in a score of 4. If a game is set up for 5 ball play, failing to reach the target score would result in a score of 6.
    • Option 2 –> Organizers can incorporate the IFPA Pin-Masters scoring system, where a player will be awarded a stroke value based on how close they are to the target score. Details of the IFPA Pin-Masters scoring system can be found HERE under Section III.
  • No more than 10 strokes can be recorded for any game played.
  • A course must be made up at at least 3 holes to be eligible for the IFPA Tour. This includes the qualifying round, and any potential playoff rounds utilizing Pin-Golf scoring (each round must be a minimum of 3 holes).

I plan to run a Pingolf event with all games set to 3 ball, but use the 10 stroke rules for all players that do not reach the target score in 3 balls. Will that cause an issue? It seems that the 10 stroke rules only mention games set to 5 ball.


It does not read to me as an issue. You are using Option 2.

I would just recommend that your target scores are multiples of 7, e.g. Big Game might have a target score of 420,000 instead of 400,000, so 10 strokes would be 0-60000, 9 strokes is 60001-120000. Using 400k would divide into sevenths (septiles? heptiles?) pretty ugly, 10 strokes for 0-57142.9, 9 strokes for 57143-114285.7, etc.

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It’s no problem Erik . . . The IFPA Pin-Masters scoring was just an example (of which we use 5 ball play). I know of plenty of other tournaments that use our scoring system format but with 3 ball play.


I couldn’t see an issue either, just like to make sure before moving forward with something new. Thanks everyone!

Wow. So if par is a 3, then each hole has the potential for a septuple bogey. Rough! But cool, in that the games should move along faster with 3-ball games.

@pinwizj You may want to consider an update to the Pin-Golf and PGM rules that specifcy a minimum # of balls that must be used per hole (such as 3). Otherwise, possible shenanigans with setting each hole up as a one-ball game, with penalty strokes up to 10. Depending on how you set your target scores and game setup difficulty, you could easily have an average strokes well above 3 per hole, but only had every player only playing one ball per game, and yet give full +1 TGP for each one-ball hole. I didn’t see a minimum # of balls requirements anywhere in the Pin-golf and PGM rules.

Becker and I would rather sit here and wait for someone to try and do this :slight_smile:



Reminds me that you’re going to have something coming your way soon :joy:



Hopefully you use a d20 with only one 17 on it :slight_smile:


So does this mean the Pinmasters scoring system must be used exactly or can the falloff percentages be adjusted to my preference? I would prefer to use 25/25/25/10 vs. straight 20% to skew the higher scores up slightly.

I’m fine with this.

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