2018 Northwest Women's Pinball Championship @ NWPAS

Nitro Pinball and the Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show are proud to present the Northwest Women’s Pinball Championship June 8th and 9th at this year’s show! This is the largest women’s pinball tournament in the nation and the grand prize is a new-in-box Hobbit Black Arrow Special Edition, donated by Nitro Pinball. This is a bigger grand prize than the main tournament this year and shows our commitment to supporting the growing women’s pinball scene. Bring your A game, because it’s on!!!

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This was an amazing women’s tournament! Congrats to @zvrabes for winning ANOTHER pinball machine! Great play and it was awesome to see a crowd. Here’s some of my shots from the finals… will upload everything from the show separately…


quality pictures, thank you for capturing these amazing moments Gene

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Great job running the worlds largest women’s tourney!

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Thanks for the great pictures Gene!

Here are the final results. 79 Women participated, with 108 entries between the two rounds (women were allowed to play in both rounds).

1 Zoë Vrabel
2 Mika Rollin
3 Robin Lassonde
4 Justina Russo
5 Heather Loudon
6 Hannah Hatch
6 Maureen Hendrix
8 Louise Wagensonner
9 Emily Beirne
9 Katie Eichenberger
11 Echa Schneider
12 Keri Wing
13 Julie Gray
14 Max Stewart
15 Sarah Hager
16 Jessica DeNardo
17 Nicolette Biskamp
18 Katie Janis
19 Bobbi Wambach
20 Stephanie Davidson
21 Gwyneth Austin
22 Lauren Aquino
23 Bridgette Thimsen
24 Sara Little
24 Stephani Thompson
29 Ashley Weaver
29 Eustina Daniluk
29 Honi Harrison
29 Micaela Wolf
29 Sandy Magallanes
29 Stacey Moritz
29 Tracy Lindbergh
29 Vanessa Ish
34 Casey Halley
35 Allison McClure
35 Angelique Vigneux
39 Aviana Smith
39 Chelsey Oedewaldt
39 Kierra McDonald
39 Sara Urban
39 Sophie Spickard
43 Brooke Borcherding
43 Elizabeth Gerth
43 Megan Czahar
43 Shawna Teale
46 Christel Macabeo
51 Breanna Felix
51 Bubbles Shaiman
51 Dawnda Durbin
51 Emily Henshaw
51 Erin Harting
51 Heather Shypula
51 Nif Ward
51 Rachel Bess
51 Sarah Ledray
51 Umboon Moore
57 Chelsea Rakonza
57 Tressa Points
61 Alex Bowen
61 Alyson Ruby Rae
61 Carrie Wilson
61 Julia McDonald
61 Steph Hanlon
61 Victoria Dollbaum
65 Heather Willott
65 Kelli Goins
67 Candace Fields
68 Nikki McCann
70 Brooke Lukens
70 Claire Burke
70 Heather Appell
70 Karla Rivers
73 Emma Frost
74 Becky Jones
74 Tiffany Lambreaux
76 Amber Marie Simon
76 Nycole Hyatt
78 Laura Bodine
79 Michelle Pak