2018 Exit Survey

I am interested to know what Tilt thinks of 2018 and what they are expecting in 2019.

Vote here -----> https://goo.gl/forms/DztXwX1uFzG8LNBF3

It should only take 3 or 4 minutes.
Topics are Pinball Prices, Quality, 2018 Best of, what you expect in 2019

You can answer all questions or just 1 if you want. Just remember to click submit!

It’s 100% anonymous, but you will need to have a google account (I cannot see your account or name or ANYTHING)

I will reveal the data in full in about a week!

You might consider disabling the “Logged in to Google” requirement:

I’ll gladly share my thoughts on the trend in game prices here though: toodamn_fullsize

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The problem is if I do that anyone can vote as many times as they want.
I don’t think the data will be SUPER useful but if just 1 person wants to muck around it will become 100% useless.

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Ok I added some more questions and added a small tournament section.
If you have already answered you can go back and I think you should be able to edit your responses.

I know there are a million more questions I can ask but I didn’t want to make it super long since everyone is into different things in the hobby

Soooo… question #2 makes me think that this isn’t just a casual survey:

If you are priced out - what is the price point are you interested in a fully featured deeproot pinball?

Speaking just for myself, turns out that I have no price point in mind, since I have no idea what a deeproot pinball is, fully featured or otherwise. But just talking here, I’ll respond “$1”, since I’d be willing to spend that much even if it sucks…


Yeah it probably wasn’t worded the best.

Homepin hasn’t proven that they can undercut Stern and produce a compelling pin. At the moment over 50% said they are priced out I thought it would be a good question to ask. Deeproot was mentioned because (I believe) they are the only company that has said they will produce a cheaper pin. Whether or not they can produce one is yet to be seen.

Not a sponsored survey in any way shape or form. In fact the only correspondence I have ever received from deeproot was something on the lines of - stop making jokes about our name.

If you are unaware - https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=root

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