2017 24 Hour Final Battle registration 5/31!


Thanks for the bump. I’m trying to make all the social media rounds now to remind everyone. Hadn’t made it here yet. Always a few who complain they never knew despite how many places I shove the information out to :slight_smile:

And even if the idea of 24 hours of competitive pinball doesn’t sound fun to you I still highly suggest you try it. Plenty of people didn’t think they would like but but quickly change their minds about 2 days AFTER the event. (Immediately following finishing it they hate it worse then they thought they would :wink: )




What’s the official time for how quickly it was sold out? @JSwain


Between 2 and 3 minutes is my guess.


Under 2 minutes. Last of the emails came in at 7:02. Too hard to tell an exact second mark. Not sure it could go any faster. Thanks for everyone’s support. We won’t disappoint. I’ll get links for list and waitlist soon. It’s going to a tough fight!!


This will be my first year attending, and I am pretty excited. But now I am starting to think about travel arrangements and wanted advice from those that have done it.

How did you do hotel? I feel like having a bed and shower after the tournament will be a huge plus. But paying for possibly 3 nights of hotel for 1 night plus a nap seems wasteful. Any hotels workout for late checkout for the nap.

Rent a car, or is lyft or something viable?

Any suggestions on which airport is superior (whatever criteria you want to use)?


I think most people either get a hotel for one night(Friday) and travel home right after the event is over Sunday or get it did 2 nights(Friday and Sunday). Sleep before and sleep after the tournament then either travel home Monday morning or Sunday night after some rest in the hotel. No need for a hotel Saturday night. Toybwont be leaving the facility or stop playing once you get in Saturday morning until Sunday morning :slight_smile:

I’m sure if you have bags you wantee to leaf in your room but don’t want to pay the hotel lobby would hold them Saturday.

Lyft and Uber both work here for getting to the venue.

Airports the closest is probably TF Green in new haven but very small so usually pricey. The closest major airport which isn’t much further just in the other direction is Bradley in Hartford.


And just as a reminder the 18th is the last deadline for any partial refunds. If you need to cancel now is the time! We’ve had about 10 or so drop outs so far and they start to get more frequent as it gets closer. Waitistwes be on the lookout for those emails and act quick!


Does anyone know if there is any streaming of this event? Anywhere to look at the standings? Thanks.


Did some digging…




Bandwidth issues? Stream runs for 1-2 seconds, then freezes for 5 secs, then repeats that cycle.


Same here, and I assume it’s the bandwidth on their end.


Fixed! Land line was disconnected was running on wifi. Will tweak the cameras in a few.


If you missed it, check out this awesome outlane shake by Trent during the final rounds on Medusa! If he doesn’t make that play, he probably doesn’t win the tournament! On the next game, Trent had a great ball 3 comeback on Black Jack from 40k->200k to seal the win (off stream).

Congrats to Trent, John, and Tim for their great play, and congrats to all the players who survived 16 grueling rounds! Everyone was super friendly. And shoutouts to Jim and Mark for somehow running this thing + fixing machines for 24 hours!


They also competed in the directors cup :slight_smile: which they seem to have tied. https://matchplay.events/live/directorscup2017


What happened on Space Shuttle?!!!


And what happened with Eric Stone? Did he play one game and leave [forfeits in games 2 and 3]? Play all 3 games in round 1 then leave? Odd either way.


Eric played the first round then left. Ed Z was still around waiting for a spot to open up so he was able to get in. Even taking a zero for the first round, he was in the top 4 in the final round!


Stone won the pre tournament the night before. He got little sleep going into the 24 hour battle and when he woke up the next day he had a sore throat and was losing his voice, and achy. He played one round and quickly realized there was no way he was going to be able to perform for another 23 hours so he withdrew from the competition at that time. As John mentioned Ed Zeltman took his spot taking a zero going into the second round and made it to the top of the standings. Impressive! Great play Ed.