2017 24 Hour Final Battle registration 5/31!

All the details are here! Registration goes live Wednesday May 31st at 7PM. Don’t forget our you’ll miss out! Sold out in 30 minutes last year. Only 100 spots. If you do miss out the waitlist will start generating on the same link as the registration. This is a PAPA major circuit event this year.

Facebook page for all the details:

Link to the registration page:

All these links can also be found at http://tothesanctum.org where you can also sign up for our email newsletter on the contact us link

See everyone there!



7PM Eastern? Asking for ummm, a friend…yeah

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Looks like 1am Copenhagen time. Calendar alarm set :slight_smile:

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Tough to set an alarm when you’re still on the plane! (and @pinwizj is on same said flight)

If only the IFPA directors hadn’t alienated the entire pinball community it might be possible to locate a surrogate!


The IFPA will pay $1 to anyone that is willing to register @Smack847 *

    • IFPA reserves the right to take the $1 out of the prize pool from the IFPA14 World Championship

Man it’s hard to avoid any kind of conflicts these days! If the IFPA is going to make me work harder as a TD I’m going to make you work harder to register :wink:

In all honesty I hope you can work out something or some people state side to register in your name, I mean your friends name!

Absolutely!..so that 7PM time, ET?

People who have been played in the previous 3 final battles should be grandfathered in :smiley: Ill be setting multiple alarms to make sure I don’t miss registration. Thanks to the crew at the Sanctum for making the Final Battle one of the top two tournaments of the year.


Sure is!

Now that is some commitment right there :slight_smile: Not for setting the alarm, but for travelling all that way, dealing with the jet lag AND coping with the 24 hour challenge

I’m interested if anyone else this side of the Atlantic has tried the final battle? Did you spend a few days prior to the event adjusting for jet lag, or just wing it? Any regrets?

Have been seriously considering travelling over myself ever since I first heard of it

Oh I live in the US, I’ll just be in Copenhagen when registration starts! Jetlag is nothing compared to making the 8 hour drive home right after the tournament ends though :dizzy_face:

But yeah make the trip! It’s a very well run tournament, a ton of fun and uniquely challenging. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys making bad decisions!


Everybody should plan on resting for at least a few hours after this event. Driving after being up that long is pretty dangerous. At least driving more than 20 minutes or so when the adenaline wears off. Lots of people sleep in the parking lot; some people crash with locals; some people find a hotel with early check-in. I’ve done options 2 and 3, but haven’t tried 1 yet. Maybe if I got an eye mask to help with the day sleeping.

Good PSA Steve, but don’t worry, we split up the driving.

That’s better than nothing, but I wouldn’t want to take the first shift. :slight_smile:

I had friends who planned on doing something similar and only made it an hour or so before having to pull over for some rest.

We tried that the 2nd year. All 1st year players were given a free oresale days to get in on second one when we expandedto 64 from 40. They way spots sell now it’s just. It far as no new players could get in if we did that :slight_smile:

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Thanks John.

Everyone is welcome to crash in the parking lot in their cars for some rest before departing the facility whenever they want.

Past couple years my wife’s been running a 6 hour ultra marathon in RI on the same Sunday. I’ve been leaving the tournament Sunday morning. Driving 2 hours to RI. Watch her for most of the race and then drive back home. I don’t sleep from Friday morning until Sunday night prepping and oraganizing everything. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. I just have a huge adrenaline rush going and can’t even sleep till late Sunday. Work Monday I’m usually good for. Luckily I never developed a caffeine addiction like coffee and Red Bull’s so my body does well staying up without stimulants :blush:


Will have my alarm set and fingers crossed hoping to get a spot. Going to have to dial in my form submission skills in anticipation. Thanks so much for putting on this awesome event.

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Believe once you add your registration and checkout it gives you 8 minutes to complete all the forms :smile:


[Sorry for stealing your thunder, Jim!]

Reminder: Registration is tonight at 7 pm ET.

You’ll find the link on http://tothesanctum.org/.

Good luck, everybody. I can’t recommend this event highly enough, assuming the idea of 24 hours of competitive pinball sounds like fun to you.