1981 Bally Elektra - 3 videos from project to gameplay

Here’s a playlist of 3 videos for the Elektra that I just finished up. (repairs, finished, & gameplay)

Jeremy & the Pinball Mayhem team


Thanks for the videos, especially the gameplay video. Interesting ruleset.

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Thank you for the feedback. That multiball can be a real challenge to get. I got to go over the settings again…

No matter what settings you use, it’s a brutal Multiball to get to. The thing I’ve done at least for the lower PF lock is to learn the lower target pattern and move the targets on-the-fly if you see something going towards them or you missed a shot.

The upper (4/5/6) is…really damn cool, admittedly. Is there any other game where rollovers are used in a directional manner like that? It’s usually roll-unders, and they tend not to cycle.

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Thanks for the info on the rules. My instruction card is a bit confusing on how to light the lower lock. But the manual spells it out. I changed some settings to make getting the LH blue targets easier. We will see where that leads me.