100-90-85 format for only 10 people

I’ve run this event before where everyone plays 10 games and then is awarded points for their rank finish. But I’ve done it based on the number of players. So if there are 6 players, then you get 6 points for the best score on a game, 5 for second, 4 for third, etc.

Was thinking about switching to 100-90-85-84-83.

But I’m expecting about 10 players…and having second thoughts. Seems like really only first place is worth anything…and mostly everyone will just have extremely similar totals at the end. (While playing, players won’t know what other people have for scores).

Any advice?

I always thought many best game tournaments place too much importance on 1st place on each machine. I know MatchPlay has options for different types of scoring, and I personally like the 100-97-95-94…progression where the winner of a machine gets a few bonus points, but not too many to make it hard to win a tournament if you don’t win a game.

You could also give bonus points to someone who wins a machine while doubling the score of whoever comes in 2nd place

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One easy plan is for N players, give N+3 for a first, N for second, then N-2, N-3, etc to 1 point for last. So for 10 people, it’s

I much prefer low-points-wins systems when the player count is unknown. First place gets 1, 2nd place 2, etc. If you want firsts to be worth extra, 0.75 or 0 points works. The 0.75 for first and each other place worth its number (0.75, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…) is the system used nearly universally in sailing when it’s not on TV.

This lets you work in players that are late or whatever very easily, and is easy to explain.

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If you don’t know the number of players attending you can always do. 100-97-95-94-93…

This is typically what I do for tournaments I run. I believe that with fewer than 100 players the 100-90-85 bonus is too high. I was in a tournament with 8 machines, 26 players and 6 spots in finals and every player who qualified had at least 1 first place on a machine. All the other results were irrelevant. It wasn’t fun :frowning:


One thing I never liked about the 100-90-85-84-83 progression was that it didn’t give any bonus to 3rd place. 3rd place just gets one more point than 4th, no different than every other place down the list versus the next. I always thought of 3rd place as still being somewhat of a standout position, whether relating it to gold-silver-bronze medals or win-place-show at the races. I would think with that many bonus points going to 1st and 2nd place that 3rd should get at least something extra. Perhaps even 4th place should have a perk, since the top four in any tournament usually holds significance. The problem is that if you push 4th and 5th place down a little that makes the 1st place point value even that much more powerful.

For 100-97-95-94-93 I kind of feel the same way about 3rd place to a lesser extent, but there’s not really room for 3rd to get a bonus unless the bonuses for 1st and 2nd were increased. I think there’s still some room to do that without making the 1st place points too overpowered like above.

Perhaps 100-95-92-90-89-88 might work well. It does push 1st place further away from 4th and above… however still not nearly as far away as the 100-90-85 style. It gives a nice little progressive bonus to your top 3 medal winning scores but does it without completely overpowering consistently strong (but not top of the list) scores.


I did a Google sheets spreadsheet for informal competitions like this. If you search the templates you should see it: https://drive.google.com/templates?q=pinball

Just type in player names/game names and if you have 10 players it scores 10,9,8…

The great thing about doing it on a google spreadsheet is that it allows anyone you share the link to to edit it directly on their mobile. That also allows competitors to see live updates as they are typed in etc

Of course, there are probably better fancier options now, like Brackelope and so on… but for someone with limited web dev skills, that was my best effort :wink: