$1,000 buy in tourney?

How many people do you think would sign up for this? Provided it was run by someone with access to plenty of good games and was a seasoned and respected TD(s), etc… ZenTron floated this idea in Oct 2015 just curious what peoples thoughts are these days. I think it would be a spectator event too - sorta like the recently IFPA tourney in Chicago at the Bottom Lounge … and maybe have 1-2 lower buy in side tourneys also going at the same time.

I personally wouldn’t sign up for the $1k main event. But if I was a top 75 player I probably would. I think a tourney like this would need at least 16 people to make it interesting.

Could also have satellite tourneys where you could win a seat like WSOP does.

What would be the ideal location? Chicago? NYC? LA? Vegas? Cancun? Europe?

And this is just an Idea - I have no plans to pursue anything like this - it’s just fun to think about.

We’ll see how many people go in for the full $500 entry fee for the IFPA Power 100 Championship :slight_smile:



I would get the same enjoyment participating in a $1,000 buy-in tournament as I would participating in a $100 buy-in tournament so for me the answer is “no thanks”


This will indeed be a good indicator. Can’t wait for this tourney. Kinda forgot about it. Maybe in 2020 I’ll make it to the power 100.

I was kinda skeptical about the IFPA $1’s, but I do think $$$$ makes things more interesting. I might watch a stream of KME playing Cayle on Iron Maiden. But if someone said they were going to play a best of 7 series for $10k. I’d tune in for sure. So money does make a difference… at least for me.

I’m a long way from the power 100 but I would have no problem throwing down $500 for a high stakes tournament. Hell I already tried last year to do a $100 tournament but very few would bite.

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$6200 potentially up for grabs so far:

1 Keith Elwin
2 Zach Sharpe
3 Raymond Davidson
4 Cayle George
5 Josh Sharpe
6 Aaron Grabowski
7 Escher Lefkoff
8 Johnny Modica
9 Jason Werdrick
10 Sebastian Bobbio
11 Lyman Sheats
12 Adam Lefkoff
13 Zac Wollons
14 Fred Richardson


If you want to see the difference in attitudes on opposite sides of the Atlantic, just read this.

and see how quickly it gets ridiculous

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There are atleast 16 players in the world who have the skills, confidence and money to compete in a high stakes tournament. Its just waiting for the right organizers to come up with the right event. Making pinball events is hard…


Guy here in Syracuse was I think serious about hosting one a few years back. Never got the ball rolling on it. For that prize pool we were wondering if we could get out of state & Canadian players to come.
Full disclosure, I wouldnt play, and he only wants to run it at his house on his games :smiley:

We have plenty of people that will pay $20 or even $100 for a single game. $1000 towards the pot for a full event isn’t that far off. I think Chad’s original $400 buy-in would work in a regional event.

But everyone here told me the stakes don’t matter… so I doubt you’ll find huge appeal here :slight_smile:

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I would be willing to play in a high-ish stakes tourney…against players around my own ability. (Some a little higher, some a little lower).

Paying $500 or $1000 to play against that lineup above would be nothing more than a donation at this point. #playbetter


I think the key thing here is that few mid-level competitor would drop $1000 to go toe-to-toe with one or more “top” players, whatever your criteria for that is, across 10 or 30 games.

Beating one or two of those players on a single game? Now that starts to get interesting.

Pinball is small enough that you can already end up in matches with the best in the world without having to pay $1000.


It’s not high stakes unless it’s at least 4 figures a game.

Agreed, but that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that the chances I can beat a top 10 player across 10 games is basically nothing. On a single game I perceive the odds for me being much better.

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