007 7X scoring bug?

So tonight I was playing my 007 pro and I had 5 of my 6 Bond girl multipliers collected when I started Bond…James Bond. I collected the 6th Bond girl during the mode and hit the action button to get 7x scoring going 2 seconds before the Bond…James Bond mode ended.

My 7x scoring stopped at the same time my Bond…James Bond mode ended, even tho the 7x multiplier counter had shown over a minute left just seconds before.

Possible bug?

This is intentional behavior.

So does any mode ending kill the multiplier prematurely?

No, just Bond… James Bond.

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Good to know. Thanks.

Yeah cause that mode works like cherry bomb right? Makes sense that it kills everything once it’s over.

Definitely want to start that 7x before you start the mode or right after starting it.

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