007 60th Anniversary Rulesheet

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Game Information & Overview:

  • Lead Designer: Keith Elwin
  • Code/Rules: Mark Penacho
  • Lead Mechanical Engineer:
  • Artwork:
  • Display and Animations:
  • Music and Sound:
  • Release Date: January 2023
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Desiring a higher-priced 007 machine for the collector’s market, MGM commissioned Stern to release a game commemorating the franchise’s 60th anniversary featuring elements from every released movie in the series so far. Though the game was designed by Keith Elwin, he largely wasn’t involved with the rules - which were instead done by Mark Penacho, a former Williams code designer known for his work on games like Hurricane and Fish Tales.

Rules Overview:


Skill Shots:

Two different skill shots are available at the start of each ball:

  • Plunge for the flashing “007” top lane. The flashing lane does not change with the flippers. Completing this skill shot scores the lit award on the back panel.
  • Hold in the left flipper and make a shot to the hole behind the linear drop targets. Making this skill shot immediately completes the drop targets and lights the lock for Mission Multiball.
  • Short plunge and shoot the Q target
  • Hold the left flipper and full plunge and shoot the M target

Main Objectives:

The main objectives of 007 60th Anniversary are all connected to the spinning disc with Oddjob’s hat on it. The disc is used to select villain modes and advance towards collecting gadgets.

Villain Modes:

Complete the MI6 drop target bank to light the disc to select a villain mode. Once the disc is lit, completing the MI6 drop target bank again will start the currently selected mode; and during a mode, completing MI6 will add time to the mode’s timer & double all scoring during the mode. The six modes, listed clockwise from right to left, are:

  • Zorin - Super Pops. (?)
  • Trevelyan - Super Loops. (?)
  • LeChiffre - Super Shots. (?)
  • Blofeld - Super Drops. Shoot the seven drop targets; one drop target flashes at a time, and shooting this target will reset the drop targets & move the flashing insert to another drop target. Make enough flashing drop targets to win the mode.
  • Oddjob - Super Disc. (?)
  • Jaws - Super Spinners. (?)

Complete all six villain modes to qualify Villain Multiball.


Complete the BOND drop targets to light the disc to advance the Gadget Meter on the display. Once the meter has been full, the flashing Q gadget will be awarded, in the following order:

  • Jetpack - Hold Bonus.
  • Spy Camera - Enables the action button to light the lock at the right scoop.
  • Gondola Hovercraft - Lights outlanes for Underwater Escape (ball save).
  • X-Ray Glasses - Starts Gadget Multiball.


The left scoop can be lit for “Collect Bond” through various methods:

Collect all six Bonds to light the left scoop for Bond Multiball.


Mission Multiball:

Complete the inline drop targets to light the right scoop, behind them, for lock. Shoot the eject when lit to start Mission Multiball. Lock can also be lit by making a skill shot to the drop targets, or by pressing the action button at any time after collecting the spy camera.

Mission Multiball starts as a 2-ball multiball, where the goal is to start 3-ball multiball by re-locking both of the balls. Shoot either the right or left scoop to start a 15 second timer to lock the other ball at the scoop you didn’t shoot.

Once both balls have been locked, plunge the third ball to start 3-ball multiball. Lock a ball at either scoop to light the captive ball for a 500 point jackpot for 15 seconds. Double jackpot is available if balls have been locked at both scoops. After scoring the jackpot, shoot the M target before time runs out to score the super jackpot worth 1500 points and restart the jackpot sequence.

If Mission Multiball ends without having locked both balls at the two scoops, the right scoop will light for 15 seconds to restart the multiball at the first phase.

Villain Multiball:

After completing all six villain modes, shoot the left saucer to start Villain Multiball.

All four spinners are lit during Villain Multiball for big points. Make shots to all four spinners to restart the spinner sequence.

Gadget Multiball:

Collect all four Q gadgets to start Gadget Multiball.

During Gadget Multiball, keep shooting the disc to advance the gadget meter and score 1 of 60 unique gadgets from the 007 films. If Insider Connected is enabled, gadgets are scored in the same order across multiple games played by the same user; otherwise, the gadget process will reset at the end of the game.

Bond Multiball:

Once all six Bonds have been collected, Bond Multiball will begin. Shoot the bumpers, loops, drop targets, and disc to advance the movie meter on the LCD display. Completing the meter awards the corresponding Bond movie and a jackpot.

Other Scoring:

Spinner Scoring:

The four spinners on the game normally score 1 point per spin. Rolling through either the left or right inlane lights the spinner on the opposite side for 10 points per spin. There are also Insider achievements for getting enough spins in a single shot to any of the spinners, and for getting multiple spinners active at once.

007 Lanes:

Complete the top 007 lanes, which do not change by pressing the flippers, to score the lit award on the back panel and light one of the two bumpers for 10 points per hit:

The flashing award can also be scored by making a skill shot to the flashing lane.

Inline Drop Targets:

Completing the inline drops lights the right scoop for Mission Multiball, and each drop target in the sequence awards a bonus:


8 unique combos can be scored at any time during normal play. Each unique combo scored increases the value of the next.

  • Dr. No: center loop - center loop.
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: upper left loop - center loop.
  • Moonraker: center loop - upper left loop.
  • A View to a Kill: upper left loop - captive ball.
  • The Living Daylights: upper left loop - upper left loop.
  • Goldeneye: center loop - inline drop target.
  • Skyfall: upper left loop - inline drop target.
  • No Time to Die: center loop - captive ball.

Extra Balls:

The captive ball can be lit for extra ball by:

When extra balls are disabled, extra balls score 500.

End-of-Ball Bonus:

Bonus is displayed directly on the playfield and is solely points-based, in the tradition of the older solid-state tables the game is based on. Completing the A, B, and C standup targets once each advances the bonus multiplier by +1x up to 3x: and the second inline drop target shot & 2nd 007 lane award light the “M” shot for Collect Bonus, which scores the current end-of-ball bonus.

Here are all the ways to score bonus:

  • Target M adds 1 bonus, or 3 when lit
  • return lane when lit adds 1
  • outlane adds 1
  • top lane when lit adds 1
  • abc complete third time or greater - adds 1
  • drop banks complete - adds 1
  • top lanes complete - adds 1
  • left and right eject holes - adds 1 (left one with a direct shot adds 2)
  • gadget complete - adds 1
  • bond multiball award movie - adds 1
  • combo - adds 1
  • multiball jackpot - adds 1
  • villain modes - start - adds 1
  • lock ball - adds 1

007 Mode (Wizard Mode):

To qualify 007 Mode at the left scoop, the following objectives must be achieved:

007 Mode starts off as a single-ball mode where the goal is to defuse the bomb as quickly as possible. To defuse the bomb, the player must shoot the three inline drop targets, then finally shoot the right scoop before the timer expires. The value for defusing the bomb increases by shooting other areas of the playfield.

Shooting the right scoop and successfully defusing the bomb begins 007 Multiball. All shots are lit to score big points. Once the multiball ends, progress towards the wizard mode is reset, allowing multiple 007 Mode plays in a game.


@CaptainBZarre on the job! Actually, I think you’re slipping – 007 60th was announced a couple days ago. :wink:

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Well, there are only 500 people (and their guests) who can put this rulesheet to actual use :wink:

TBH I hope I get a chance to play this. I’m a big Bond fan, and a big pinball fan too. Also, every one of @sk8ball ‘s games so far has been extraordinary with regard to both layout and rules


I didn’t do the rules for this game but they are pretty good. I’ll copy Mark’s rule doc here. It’s a little out of date but fills in more info

A, B, and C A, B, and C targets increase bonus multiplier.

Top Lanes Completing 007 Lanes lights pop bumpers for additional score, and awards what is indicated on back panel.

Collect Bonds Completing various items (B-O-N-D targets, Villain mode) will light Collect Bond on left scoop.
Collecting all 6 Bonds will start Bond Multiball.

Bond Multiball During Bond Multiball, Pops, Loops, Drop Targets and the Oddjob Disc all advance the movie meter to award the next Bond movie
in sequence.

Bonus Bonus is collected at the end of each ball. Various targets and awards will increase bonus.
Bonus can also be collected via ball entering shooter when lit. Hitting second inline drop target, or completing top lanes two times
will light bonus collect on shooter lane.

Outlanes Awarding third gadget award will light alternating outlanes for underwater escape ball save.

Return Lanes Hitting first inline drop target will light alternating return lane for bonus advance.
Return lanes will light corresponding spinners and/or Oddjob disc for extra points.

Captive Ball Hitting captive ball will award corresponding lit value; add 2 bonus, extra ball, and jackpot.

Combos DR. NO Combo - top center loop, top center loop.
ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE Combo - top left loop, top center loop.
MOONRAKER Combo - top center loop, top left loop.
THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS Combo - top left loop, top left loop.
GOLDENEYE Combo - top center loop, inline drop target.
SKYFALL Combo - top left loop, inline drop target.
NO TIME TO DIE Combo - top center loop, captive ball.
A VIEW TO A KILL Combo - top left loop, captive ball.

B-O-N-D targets Lights Oddjob disc to award playfield gadget lights. Awarding fourth gadget (X-Ray Glasses) start Gadget Multiball.
Lights left scoop for Collect Bond.

M-I-6 targets Lights Oddjob hat to select Villain mode (when unlit). Starts corresponding Villain Mode (when lit).
When completed successively during Villain mode, will add time to the timer, and double Villain Mode scoring.

Inline targets First inline target lights return lanes for bonus increment. Second inline target lights collect bonus on shooter lane.
Third inline target will allow access to right scoop for Mission Multiball. Hitting right scoop when lit will start Mission Multiball.

Gadgets Completing B-O-N-D targets will light the Oddjob disc to advance the gadget meter to award one of 4 gadget lights. Gadget awards are:
Jetpack - Hold Bonus.
Spy Camera - Button on lockdown bar lights to open right scoop for lock.
Gondola - Light outlane for Under Water Escape ball save.
X-Ray Glasses - Start Gadget Multiball

Gadget Multiball During Gadget Multiball, the Oddjob disc will advance the gadget meter to award one of 60 movie gadgets. Gadgets earned are remembered
between games if playing using a Stern Insider Connected account.

Mission Multiball Locking a ball inthe right scoop will start Mission Multiball. This multipart mode has several steps that must be completed to award jackpot.
Phase 1 - two ball multiball - Locking one ball in either the right or left scoop will start a timer to lock the second ball. Locking both balls
will start Phase 2.
Phase 2 - three ball multiball - Locking one ball will light timer on captive ball for jackpot. Locking two balls will light timer on captive ball for double jackpot.
Phase 3 - After scoring jackpot, M target will light on a timer for super jackpot.
If multiball ends during phase 1, the right scoop will light on a timer to restart Mission Multiball.

Pop Bumpers Score 1 point, or 10 points when flashing. Top lane completion will make one of the pop bumpers flash. Second top lane completion will make both pop bumpers flash.
Extra points awarded for every 25 pop bumper hits.

Villain Modes One of 6 timed modes
Jaws (Super Spinners) - Hit spinners to complete mode.
Zorin (Super Pops) - Hit pop bumpers to complete mode.
Oddjob (Super Disc) - Hit Oddjob disc to complete mode.
Trevelyan (Super Loops) - Shoot top left and top center loops to complete mode.
Blofeld (Super Drops) - Hit B-O-N-D and M-I-6 drop targets to complete mode.
Flashing drop target will raise previously hit targets.
LeChiffre (Super Shots) - Shoot lit shots to complete mode.

            In all Villain modes, Completing M-I-6 targets will extend the timer.  Second completion will double mode scoring.
            Completing all 6 Villain modes will light left scoop for Villain Multiball.

Villain Multiball Extra points are awarded for lit spinners. Completing shots on all 4 spinners will restart the spinner sequence.

007 (Wizard) Mode Playing Bond Multiball, Gadget Multiball, and Villain Multiball on a single game will light the left scoop for 007 Mode.
This multipart mode has several steps that must be completed.
Phase 1 - Increase 007 Mode value - While this timer is running, all scoring shots increment the bomb defuse value. Ball save is locked on during this phase,
and any ball drained are replaced with new ones.
Phase 2 - Inline drop targets must be hit while the timer is running. Hitting the right scoop before the timer expires defuses the bomb and starts 007 Multiball.
Phase 3 - During 007 Multiball, all shots award extra points.


One for sure is being placed on route in Minneapolis at Tilt Pinball Bar…

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it will be in the lineup for the UK Open - book your flight…


Played quite a bit of this yesterday and we just had a tough time locking the second ball in the upper left scoop. Shooting the left orbit (where the green lock light blinks) would just send the ball around the 360 U-turn around the scoop, never land in it.
So people had to try to take direct shot to the scoop instead which were less than easy, is that per design or was the game not set up right? :slight_smile:

Making the left orbit should normally lock the ball there. On the one I played on location I was able to make it with the orbit and also backhand it from the left flipper. It did sometimes not work with the orbit, but overall it was fairly consistent.

Ours on location at the bar formerly known as Tilt is the same way. If it’s a softer shot it’ll land in there, but a good, firm shot sends it around the u-turn.

My left lock shot was also looping. Ball clips the post rubber at the crux of the loop, pushing it to the right, around the loop instead of straight into the saucer.

Replaced the factory rubber sleeve with an almost imperceptibly thinner silicone post sleeve and now it’s nearly perfect. Just about every solid shot from the bottom left entry sticks in the saucer.

I tried it with no rubber sleeve, which also hit the saucer, but bounced out 100% of the time. Whatever tiny smidge of rubber the ball clips along the way seems to be necessary to stick the shot. But a hair too much and you bump around the loop.

interesting, i’ll definitely try that next time i am back at that location-

watching the make of video, at the time below, they make a clean left orbit shot to the saucer. i wonder if it is all about the rail guide and post being too much to the right on mine?

The game at AYCE Gogi was doing this too so I took a flathead screwdriver and ever so slightly bent the top and bottom forks at the end of the ball guide away from the post, using the post as leverage. Seems to have taken care of it.


Could the mods wikify this post please? Thank you!

Wikified! Thanks for your contributions.

Updated with 2 more skill shots and listed all the ways to score bonus, and added Extra Ball Points value


brushing up on the rules before NWPC are you? :smiley:

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