What's wrong with ID4?


Nope :smiley:

But I have a Getaway soooo, there’s that :rofl:


Shhhh. Should keep that a Secret.


In all seriousness, I’m excited about how much time and care you’re putting in for the IFPA15 games. Thanks!


Just a random example of another long playing title.


Ha. That’s a really good idea – has anyone tried this before on a TOM for competition play?


I’m losing my fucking mind, every day I’m like “OH GAWD THERE IS ONLY X NUMBER OF DAYS LEFT, I HAVE SO MANY THINGS LEFT TO FIX!” :astonished:

But yea I’m really trying to make sure it doesn’t suck :smiley:

Which reminds me I gotta get on that tent rental reservation!


I do love watching people Do The Thing… Maybe we need more formats where everyone doesn’t wait around like that


Pinball done quick on opposite day? :slight_smile:


No, not really. I’d prefer not to see in the tournament.

I hear you, and these are totally valid concerns. I guess I wouldn’t have gone as far as removing all three gates. Leave one of them intact, so shots to the right orbit still into the flippers, but shots from to left orbit go through.

And I have to say that I really like Cayle’s suggestion. With the stand-ups disconnected, there is much less incentive to spend endless hours in the pops.


Those were some massive games indeed!


I wonder how it would play if you put a rubber at the entrance of the right orbit that would bounce the ball into the slings. Kind of like what Josh did to the GOT at (I think) pinmasters).


Belsito did exactly this for past INDISC. I believe there’s video of it. It was certainly a game changer.