What tools should I be buying?


Yep, my beginner soldering recommendation is the Haxxo FX-601 I mentioned - it’s a good iron, small and portable, and will last a long time.

The supplies (braid, flux, and solder) are all things you will need. The other stuff solves specific problems, and is the type of thing you accumulate over time.

this (PDF warning) is a good beginners soldering guide, but focusses on working with circuit boards - more common pinball soldering will be wires to lugs or other wires, which is very simple.

If you have a local hacker or maker space, they can be good places to learn this kind of thing - it’s really not a hard skill, even kids pick it up quickly.


Those are the ones, yup! Those come in a variety of widths, with varying wheel sizes. If you have to move a machine down a hallway and out to the street this makes it way easier. We still tend to move with two people the whole time to help steady and push it.


For moving machines in the home collection (on hardwood, concrete or carpet), I put glider feet on them: http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/LL25-EZG. The glider feet allow you slide it out/around easily. If you’re concerned about them moving around too much during play, put them in pinbutts. It’s trivial to individually lift each leg out of the pinbutts and then you can slide the machine out by hand without strain or risk of scratching floor or snagging carpet.


Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the tips. Soldering is something I’ve been meaning on learning how to do, and the most I’ve done was one of those kits from RadioShack when I was little.

I also never knew those two-wheeled metal dollies were so strong. I think the most I’ve ever moved with one of those is those big wooden office desks. Not sure how much they weigh, but they’re a real devil to load onto a dolly, especially by myself. I’m sure folding a pinball machine would need at least two people though.