Video: Elwin + Star Trek 1.61 = set aside 32 minutes

Anyone want to join in on a Kickstarter to send Stern a couple thousand IRL450N transistors? (Trust me, the 20 seconds of Googling I just did confirms that this was a clever joke.)


Gah!!! That is right up there with the PAPA Valinor video for frustrating endings.

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Pinball equivalent to a mic drop!


I love that he can just laugh it off after all that.

That laugh was fantastic. “Well that just happened. Heh”

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With an extra ball in the tank too…UGH!

I couldn’t just type the word “sick.”


You should create a twitch channel or similar. I’d subscribe to that. Take my money!!!

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Or I can continue to make youtube videos free for the community :slight_smile:


I’m not talking about PPV, just a way to show support for someone making awesome videos. It’s more of a free unless you want to pay model. Think of all the free pre-recording brew money!!! :beer: :beer: :beer:

Is DVM going to be free for the community?

@sk8ball Any reason you chose that order for the modes that you went 3 deep on before going for Kobayashi?

Well the obvious reason is that he wanted multipliers on the loops since you’d much rather shoot those from a stop than on-the-fly from a ramp shot. Ramps you don’t have as much issue shooting shot-to-shot.

Also the medals collected in higher levels apply to the lower level mini wizard. So if you watch when he collects Kobayashi it collects 30 medals for 90M; then later in Amok he collects 167M. That’s nearly 1/4 of his score at that point.

The strat I try to use is this:

Play the modes with worthless GAT missions first (SJ & Nero) all the way through Which also lights the orbits for 2x scoring. Now the SJ and STE GAT modes are worth huge points at 2x left orbits (You can also combo into the 2nd part of STE warp ramp for 2x as well) Then it just becomes multiply as many shots as possible before starting any of the wizard modes. Obviously I did a poor job saving my warp 9.1 and 9.9 for Medal collects but I was more focusing on getting to 5yM in that vid. I plan on doing another one focusing on score this weekend.


That was amazing! I took notes. I also like his pinball jam music. :smile: