Venom Rulesheet

I think what I found confusing in play was having “spot mini mode” available as a skill shot, expecting a traditional mode to start but functionally means “qualify mayhem lock.”


Yeah, doesn’t that skill shot really just spot you one “dot”?

Yes, along with adding to however many more mini-modes you need to qualify your next lock.

What’s the best way to set Venom up in a tournament to not allow progress to count if a player logs in?

You can use both flippers and select Prolonged Competition mode, but if a player logs in it still gives the player an option to use their progress at the start of B1. I believe there are adjustnents to not allow this. I’m just wondering what’s the easiest way (least amount of adjustments) to set this up so progress can’t be used, and return to the original settings after the tournament.

Put a piece of paper over the scanner so players can’t log in?

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No matter what option they pick they will start at level 1 per Dwight. I haven’t tested it yet, but I think that’s the case. And I think the option is being taken away in future updates.

Feature adjustment #2 is Saved Progress (Yes/No). Fast and easy to change. i’ve been using that for weeks (across two leagues and a launch party) and no reports of anyone getting to use their saved progress, but folks still can get achievements and badges and use my favorite feature of IC for competitive play - names attached to scores to keep people playing in correct order.


Just tried this. I started at level one, then completed a column and jumped to my regular level and had everything lit. Jumped right to grendel and knull.

Dwight said this is squashed next update.

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I was at a tournament a few days ago. Venom was just updated to the latest code 0.93. I put the game into Prolonged Competition mode before a game by the holding both flippers method. After that game a few minutes later the game was back into Standard play mode! No one manually changed it back.

an bigger issue is the staged balls messing up giving players an free temp MB or doing stuff like running mystery / pick something while an ball is free on the play field

This is still happening. Multiple reports of it getting stuck on Gwen at the Expo tourney, happened to me in qualifying.

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I heard (from the gameplay features video) that Peter Parker sends the ball to the orbit, not the sinkhole. Which makes sense to me, since it wouldn’t really make sense for Eddie and Peter to have the same configuration. Am I wrong? If I’m not wrong, someone should edit.

Peter’s right orbit will always send the ball to the sinkhole, at least if the white mini-mode is lit there. Meanwhile Eddie’s right orbit will always send the ball in a full loop to the left flipper.

So do you want to edit the rulesheet to say that? Currently it says it sends them both to the sinkhole.

Just edited, thanks! I also need to add mini-mode combos for the characters, will take a note of those next time I play it.