Use of LED Head Lamp


I’m seriously thinking about this. But, looking through the reviews at Amazon, some people mention that the goose neck will not reliably hold the light in position. With all the vibration on a pinball machine, that might be a problem.

Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this light on a machine? I’d rather not blow $31.77 plus probably $15 shipping only to find out that it can’t do what I want to use it for…


Free shipping for Prime members. :wink:


Keep in mind that a magnet won’t work on games with a stainless steel lock bar, which many 90’s games have.


Not to Down Under.

Good point, I hadn’t thought of that, thanks!


Yep that’s the light I have. The neck stays in place ok, it’s the focus ring that is garbage. Fixed it with a little electrical tape to keep it at the widest angle (see pic above). Still haven’t dared take it to league tho!


Thanks for that! Seriously considering this for some of the machines I play regularly at tournaments. Hoping that I won’t be told by the TD that I can’t do that…


Haha i was just about to mention medallion, but you beat me to it. He always places the lamp on the lockbar/bottom of glass iirc.


Funny place to put yourself in - anyone can complain and get you ejected.