Urgent ruling?


@haugstrup how do I creat a new invitation link or unexpire the old one? Can’t seem to find anything on that.


I’m doing random Slack support now too? :joy:

I’ve no idea how to do this on mobile, but on the web:

  • Click your team name in the top right to expand the menu
  • Click “Invite people”
  • Select the “Members” option
  • Click the “Get an invite link to share” link near the bottom


You’re the best :wink:

New link. Should never expire. I’ll update the original link too.



I know this is old, but was there ever a consensus? I’d like to get involved in something like this for those times when I’m not 100% sure on a ruling or have an issue during leagues.


Join that slack link. We use it all the time for quick rulings.