Trough Or Modified Rom Issue?


From what I remember from the old (now defunct and gone) the Star Wars one was the very first one he did and a lot of the stuff made sense. Sometimes stuff doesn’t need to be changed so much… different for differences’ sake shouldn’t happen.


Without derailing this thread too much, I’ve been running his code for Star Wars and Tommy at home for years. Totally balances SW from just shooting the ramp all day (although it’s now multiball all day) and adds quite a bit to Tommy. I have heard good things about the TFTC code as well.

Tournament worthiness may be debatable, but I know which versions I’d rather play.


The Tommy at BPSO kinda screwed me in the 1st round of finals. It auto plunged when I flipped both flippers taking away my skill shot. I own Tommy and know that this can be disabled. We went into the menus later to change this and could not find the adjustment. Could that also be ROM related? Also, Trent got to play a very long single ball MB because the blinders were out at a time they normally are not out and there was a ball trough issue on top of the code issue. I love Tommy but that one was a basket case.


I thought single ball multiballs were not allowed under most rules you have to drain it out?

At any rate, hopefully the owner of the game will get in touch with the mods’ author and go over what happened with them so if there are bugs they can be fixed. Difficult if the behavior wasn’t filmed or accurately described though.


Did Trent think he had a ball cradled under the blinders when in fact it drained, but there was a trough issue not recognizing the drain? That would be a weird and unfortunate convergence of bugs…


That is exactly what happened. I saw Trent leaning over in a weird way and I was like “What is he doing?”. Then I realized he was trying to look under the blinders to see if he had a ball trapped, which he did not. When he lost his single ball, the game did a ball search and then auto plunged another ball into play.