TPF 2017 Tourney: THIS weekend. Watch live on Twitch


Great question. Based on last year: no. I do not. In 2016, thankfully there was even room/time to spare. One of the reasons why this works is because the TPF tourney bank has more classic, shorter ball-time pins than most other “main” tourneys.
4 modern, 4 SS, and 4 EM.


second biggest what? :slight_smile:


PATZ and MGC were also bigger than TPF last year, and PATZ had sides event, too.


TPF is the biggest if you subtract all the illegals /s


My mistake. Fixed.

You’re right. Last year, they each had 158 participating, and TPF16’s was actually 157 out of the 160 that registered/paid. That’s fantastic that we have so many big tourneys around the country!

I wonder how those events stand up to the new 50% participation rules? I hope that as many players as TPF16 took full advantage of their respective tourney experiences and played lots of games.

If I recall correctly, TPF16 had only one player that played a small fraction of their entries. Everyone else fully participated and used all (or in rare cases, left a couple unused).

And once again, NONE of that would have been possible without @kdeangelo 's ridiculously awesome software.


We ran OBX utilizing Aurcade software which is a Major this year and Pinburgh doesn’t run off TDM which is the best tournament in the world. Don’t get me wrong , I love me some Karl & TDM and the software is the most innovative with queuing,


Understood. But doesn’t Karl help write/run the Pinburgh software as well? I realize it’s not his DTM software that works for unlimited and limited qualifying on a set bank of games, but I’m fairly certain he’s got a hand in the Pinburgh software, too.


I actually think the Pinburgh software is 100% custom coded by Kevin Martin.


Thanks for clarifying.


Yes. We do use Karl’s software for the finals brackets though.


Just a little over a month away!
If you haven’t already voted, please vote for TPF in the PAPA Circuit voting.

Some stats on the 160 players:

  • 6 countries represented
  • 21 states in the US represented, spanning the country from NY, FL, WA, and CA
  • 78 players from TX
  • 2nd most represented state is Colorado, at 13 players

Also, tentative game list to be posted this week.


Thank you to all that voted for TPF as a 2017-18 PAPA Circuit Event!

While the tournament is currently sold out, you may email to get on the waitlist.
If last year was any indication, there were a handful of people that cancelled over the month leading up to the tourney.

As of this evening, the waitlist is 11 people deep.


TPF 2017 tourney games: (games subject to change)
** format reminder: a minimum of two pins from each Era will count toward your total ranking based on your best 8 pins**

Modern Era:
Scared Stiff
Metallica (Premium)
Ghostbusters (Premium)

SS Era: (4 of these 5 will be used)
Joker Poker
Big Game
Black Hole
Dr Dude

EM Era:
4 Million BC
Hit the Deck
Olympic Hockey
Jacks Open

Kids and Parent/Child tourneys:


No Lexy?

I keed


This warms my heart. Go Colorado!


Custom molded trophy from Double Danger pinball! These will be awarded to 1st place in all 4 division finals.


The TPF tourney is only TWO days away.
If you aren’t attending, then please enjoy watching qualifying and finals via the BatCityPinballClub twitch channel.
Also, just a quick note that based on feedback received from Pin-Masters streaming and to most effectively promote and grow pinball, TPF, the PAPA Circuit, and the IFPA, the commentary will be kept to a PG level.

Friday 11am - 1am
Saturday 9am - 5pm

Saturday at 6pm


To end TPF Friday qualifying: David Smith gets an incredible right-to-left-outlane Lazarus on Black Hole: