Tournament Setup: GoT Pro and ST Pro


IMHO, setting tilt warnings to fewer than factory default is a bad idea. Plenty of other ways to make a game play more difficult.


I went back and forth on it, and I would normally agree, but I couldn’t really think of any other ways to make these two harder.

At first I set both up with default warnings and very very tight tilts, but they played like that TWD Pro from LAX this year and I think that sucked. also that damn debounce allowed big moves, while little moves tilted out.

So I loosened the tilt a bit to allow for some decent nudging, but nothing crazy, then dropped down to one warning. this made the game times a lot shorter, but I didn’t feel like I was getting cheated ever by the tilt. The first way I had it did.

I am all ears on other ways to make these two more difficult though.


Do you have the fat part of the tilt bob on the top or the bottom?




Stern’s debounce code makes tilts tough to set just right. In the past, you knew you could move the game a little, as long as you didn’t bang the ring three times. Now, you can move the game all you want, as long as you stop banging the ring within 2-3 seconds. Also think the hardware isn’t as good as it used to be. Buddy had a TSPP with a tilt that just didn’t seem to conduct electricity very well, even with new parts.

I think one warning on modern Stern debounce code is fine, with two warnings for WPC/Sys11.


Yay. One player officially approves! Haha


Just to update this thread. Average 4 player game time of ST was still around 20 mins. I was shooting for under 20 and it was a tad over. No big deal. GOT was at around 18 per 4 player group. That worked out great. No one complained that they were unfair or too hard. Seemed to work out nicely.


Nice! ~20 minutes is usually what I shoot for.


Also you will be happy to hear that I have a request into dwight to make the outlane save on Star Wars adjustable in the settings. So if it’s similar to Star Trek in ball times we can turn that off if we want.


I played a particularly brutal Congo at PAGG and I was convinced that the tilt was much tighter than it probably actually was - mainly because it was set to zero warnings.