Total Nuclear Annihilation Rulesheet


The flipper issue will happen at any hard hit to it.
Also happens as the ball bounces back from the bonus targets.
It’s not just the right flipper, a hard hit to the left flipper will drop it also.
Increasing hold power overheats the coil over long periods.
My right flipper is now very weak from the heat.
Im still thinking it’s a driver board issue.


Hey Toads,
If I am not mistaken, we were testing some beta code on your machine. Correct? I made a flipper hold that was way too powerful and it heated up your coils too much. I think your game had 2 flipper return springs on it and We sent some new springs to you to replace them with the proper ones. I think Charlie is also replacing the coils for you too. This is a very rare issue on the production machines, but I think it has been narrowed down to the flipper return springs. I could be wrong though. Anyway, I am sorry you had this issue with your game.


Yes Scott,
I have heard that you think it might’ve heat stressed the coil and I think it has.
Waiting on the replacement parts.
I think Ryan is might be bringing them back from TPF as he is over there at the moment.


Excellent. Yes, Charlie mentioned he was giving Ryan new coils at TPF. :slight_smile:


Very good to hear new games get the stack switch. Any chance RZ could be coded to support one if the owner adds it? Would make the game much more reliable for competition and location.

Regarding the EOS switches, I’ve never had any problems with collapse/re-flips on any WPC game, and very very rarely on any DE/Sega/Stern game. Why is it an issue on Spooky games? (I’ve noticed it occasionally on RZ)

I’m definitely not trying to put Spooky down or anything, just genuinely curious why problems that seemed to be solved decades ago are suddenly problems again. I guess problem, since the trough issue is fixed. It bugs me because I own one of the problems now :slight_smile:


Oh no worries at all man. I think the issue is using switching power supplies instead of transformers. I know Stern Spike games also re-flip, at least our GOTG does from the Rocket kicker. They have EOS switches as well.

As for RZ adding a jam opto, I am not sure as I have no access to the code or how it is set up. I would ask Charlie and team after TPF and see if this could be a thing. :slight_smile:


Just bantering, no shade or anything, but I disagree with you.

Don’t think too much about it though; do you have any idea how many heads I’ve exploded for not turning off upper playfield coils when a ball supposedly isn’t there? :wink:


You locked a ball to start multiball, and we’re holding that ball, so we can just wait for the animations to end until we change state. What can go wrong?


HAHA all good man. I am still very green at pinball development. :slight_smile: I will probably use EOS switches on my next game. Then I at least have the option to mess with it.


Woohoo! Scott said “on my next game” :slight_smile:


HAHA. Yeah, it’s more than likely I will attempt another go at this, but I am not going to start thinking about it until I am happy with where TNA is code-wise. I gotta hand it to all the pinball coders out there, it is way tougher than I imagined. :slight_smile:


Hi Scott, I have one suggestion to make life easier for people streaming: adding a software setting to display the game scores on the main screen in addition to the alphanumeric displays.

The alphanumeric scores are so awesome, but it’s a decent amount of work to fiddle with cameras and stream layout to get the scores visible on a stream. You usually have to zoom and crop the video several times to get all 4 scores legible, and cropping sources while keeping the layout clean is annoying to do in the streaming software. If someone is using the direct video out from the cabinet, this spares them the need of an extra camera just for the scores. It could also be a fail-safe in case one of the actual score displays is broken.

I know this is a niche request and not a trivial change, but figured I’d toss it out there. This game looks great on stream. I was pleasantly surprised that the game audio was also output over the HDMI signal!