ToPS Tournaments


Couldn’t you just set the game to 1 free credit per game for a GC and turn off replay and any other credit awards when running a tops tournament? I mean really you could even leave replays on and you would have to GC the machine every time to get 2 credits, I guess I’m not to worried about making up a few bucks in the pot for someone who can do this on a regular basis. If I feel it gets excessive I can shut down all replays on it.


There are ways around it like your suggestions.

I’m just cautioning if you don’t keep an eye on it, you could be making up a lot of money at the end of a tournament.


I appreciate you bringing that up I went and changed all the credit award settings to help minimize that.


I disagree. Best case, you win a game on points, you get a special and you get the GC score. First replay for points may be easy, but getting specials and the GC score on any modern Stern is never easy. Even if you do manage to pull off all three on the first game, the replay score is now around what you just scored on your last GC game due to reflexing. So now it gets even harder to get multiple replays.

Even if you are a badass location player and can continuously GC the game (and also collect specials), it’s going to take several games and an hour or more to accumulate enough free credits to play a few Tops games. You never want to play for an hour or more straight, then play for money. My best game is typically the second game of the day. First game is warmup, then I’m good to go. No way I’m playing for an hour straight (can’t take a break or someone will steal your free credits), then playing a cash tournament game. Fatigue has usually set in by then and my time is worth more than a few free credits. It just doesn’t make sense on a number of levels.

On my games, I gave one credit for a GC score and the typical one replay score. I ran a bunch of Tops tournaments and the coin box never came up short. Neil Shatz, Rick Stetta, Andrei Massenkoff and Mark Conant all played in my tournaments. Those four guys are legendary location players. If anyone was going to try to run up a bunch free credits to play Tops for free, it would be those guys. They didn’t attempt it because it’s too hard and not worth the time or effort.

Forgot to mention that I ran a few for less experienced players. Can’t recall if I set it at a certain ranking (can’t participate if you’re ranked higher than X), or if I just asked the guys above not to play. Either way, those worked too and the players appreciated it. Little guys won cash.


So this is how I set them up today 1 credit for GC 1 for replay. That way non tournament players can still get replays and hell if you GC it then I’ll happily pay for your tournament game.

Thanks guys for the discussion how do the payout structures work are they pre-set in the software or up to TD?


in menu: set special for POINTS (not replays). set matches at 2%, set replay score high. I’ve ran plenty of tops and it works out fine. ive had some tops get the pot to almost 1k so my settings must do the correct job and players are quite happy.
payout the top 4 scores. done deal.
pinball these days don’t really have to offer replays, esp so easily that a location person can spend a buck and play free games for an hour. people who spend coin these days (players under 35) are used to quick spending, like redemption games. they aren’t used to getting “free game” opportunities. that is a thing of the past. ops/locations cant make money giving out free games.


Preset. You can pick 1-5 winners, but not the percentages.