Thoughts on Group Knockout/Strikes format w/ 3 strikes per group?


Sneak peek at the 2019 TGP Guide for anyone interested . . .


ohhhh i like how there is a substantial difference if your 4 players group knock out has either bottom 2 or only last players in groups of 3 getting a strike! :slight_smile:

42-54 players –> 20 games towards TGP. If you had the limited qualifying on 4 games, that’s 24 total, 96%

interesting stuff :slight_smile:


So knockout formats will no longer grade out to 100%?


Depends on the number of players and number of strikes.

As everyone knows strike events often come down to a bunch of 2 and 3 player groups as the field gets dwindled down.

Previously all those rounds enjoyed the 2x bonus and @keefer was able to drill down to better estimate the number of rounds with 2/3 player groups.

This is a more accurate grading for group knockouts BY FAR.


Okay. I was just asking because everything listed in the 5.5 rules only goes to 25 games and I thought to grade out to 100% TGP you needed 26 games.


4% per game. That hasn’t changed since v5.0. 25 meaningful games gets you there.


Thanks Josh. :slight_smile: