The danger of 24-hour tournaments (split from CO's 24hr tourney thread)


I found playing pinball (and staying active) for 24 hours fine as can be. In fact, because I was across the pond the day before, I had actually (stupidly) been up for 24 hours 2 days out of 3!?! The after effect was my concern going into it. And the last 2 days, I’ve felt not great at all including no voice…not good for my profession.

I would like to see the time of the event shifted. Can’t easily get a hotel at 9am when it’s done as most check out at 11am (there are airport exceptions).

It’s going to be rough no matter what time it is. That said, Sanctum was a blast!


That’s a good point. What’s the viability of having the event at say, 4pm -> 4pm? Gives ample travel time the day of, and allows people so inclined to book a hotel room ahead of time after the event at a normal check-in time. Those inclined to drive home still have a few hours of daylight to do that also.


4->4 would just not work for me. It would turn it into a 32 hour day and make it so I could not fly home. I have my system for the current event and like how it works out, but I can understand it doesn’t work for everyone.


I think moving the start time to the afternoon only works if you start on Friday, but I also think everyone would come in pissed off trying their best to sleep until 4pm and failing


Only one solution: 36 hour tournament


Certainly the knives and flaming bowling pins were put away around the 12 hour mark?

Agreed. Hotels aside, a 10am start made it difficult to get extra sleep the night before. My body wasn’t happy that I tried to fall asleep four hours earlier than normal.


For the Pittsburgh 6 (@WxManBookie has family), the half of us with a hotel room were able to push back checkout until noon and get 1.5 hours of sleep, while the other half without a Saturday hotel got 3 hours of sleep using a day rate near the airport.

Post tournament sleeping is doable, but it’s definitely difficult. I’ll have to research better for next year.


Next time you need to crash after the 24 hour battle, check out day rates on sites like or - there are some hotel options with 9 or 10am check-in and afternoon check-out that aren’t too far from Meriden.


Some people didn’t even last that long.

But we got the record up to like 1:10. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’ve never had a go at it cause I have to drive the hearse! The things we do …



If during a sharp turn, a death save occurs, is continued play allowed :wink:


This is so utterly absurd and amazing. I adore this.


Actually, just rembered that that’s the AFM I bought from @Funtorium and shipped it down to NZ from NYC. It looks a little different now. :slight_smile:

The way we set that game up -

  • set the game to one ball
  • taped up the tilt bob
  • strapped it to the coffin slide out thingy
  • cranked up the generator

Dont think we did much else - just cranked it and went for it!

In that video, Simon got a multiball going, I think it was Martian Multiball. So he had multiple balls flying around the place. Sorta like Orbitor One mixed with a jog around the park. :smile:

Good times!

Re the 24 hour thing - no way I’d take that on! It’d be the end of me! I can hardly last a day at Pinburgh. As my last rounds every day showed. Haha!



Nice. If you upgraded the suspension in the hearse, you wouldn’t need to disable the tilt.


Also, I agree that 24 hour tournaments are thoroughly dangerous and should not be endorsed by IFPA or anybody else.


Seems a tad extreme to say that it shouldn’t be endorsed. Should we not allow any event that allows players to drink to be endorsed either?


it was a joke. I’m old, like the guy in the pic. If I was ten or fifteen years younger, I would definitely be in. And I would likely be drinking most of the 24 hours. Game on.

I do think it is a bit extreme and not likely catch on big time, but I see the last one at the Sanctum drew a lot of out of town folks. We’ll see…


Just to follow up, probably stating the obvious, but if the event was held in or near a motel/ hotel, that would be the ideal situation. Last game within walking distance of a bed.

/preferably without a bar/ liquor store within walking distance


I get ya. The last few years it’s been a ton of people from out of town. It’s been great. It surprises me the ages of some of them!


I wouldn’t drive but if someone paces themselves , stay safe hydrated and uses their judgement I think they are fine. I condone the Friday into Saturday with the extra day to sleep at a hotel and get a normal Sunday before work.

I will admit as a regular atendeee having only missed year one, this year hit me harder than previous years with after shock. Felt sick and out of it for a week now. It’s my fault I didn’t catch up the next few days afterwards you need to compensate or you pay big time.


You’re body has also been through a bit more shit than most leading up to this!

Friday into Saturday was our original thought when starting this idea. As we worked it out a majority was not on board with that.