The Amazing Pinball Race 4 June 28-30 2019


Results for the main.


Link to finals. I linked to where Brianna explains the basic format and it shows the bracket. Gameplay and commentary start about 3 minutes afterwards.

Was hoping to get any feedback I could about both the format itself, the bracket, and the presentation of the stream with this format. Keep in mind we only had two rigs to work with and they are slightly a p.i.t.a. to move from game to non-adjacent game.

Commentary by Scott Vieth, @chuckwurt, @ScoutPilgrim, and Carlos DeLaserda.


Date has been updated for this year. Most likely going to try out Karl’s target matchplay format for qualifying and keep the finals format the same.


Fun tournament and very well run! Check it out if you’re in the region!


Is there a description of this format? Good luck with continued success of this event!


Haven’t written one out for this year yet. Here is last year’s google doc.


So qualifying placement decides order on all Finals games? Just wanted to be sure.


Sorry, was asking if there was a description of Karl’s target match play format.


Qualifying decides order on game 1, and then on game 9 when the top 8 qualifiers are brought in. The order of subsequent games is dependent on whether players pass the current lowest score. For the sake of the stream and fairness, I might do something different with the final four participants this year and determine their order from their qualifying standings.


I haven’t seen one but the results are still at


We run this at Pinball at the Lake each year. Regular match play with tiered swiss. The catch is that once you reach a pre-determined point value you’re qualified and no longer play in future rounds. Unlimited rounds up to a pre-determined time, or once all qualifying positions have been filled.


As Karl explained above…

I’ll add that It’s a great format when you want to simply set a time frame for a qualifying portion vs. a specific number of rounds. I do this at ArcadeExpo… we start at noon, 18 points to qualify, no new rounds start after 5. Some people qualify pretty early on and then have more time to do event related stuff but everyone knows exactly what their maximum time commitment for qualifying will be… 5:30 at the very latest.


So the next logical step is PinballPinballPinball (or whatever we’re calling it) with people getting to a certain number of wins qualifying? And a bigger-than-normal queue, or lose machines as people qualify?


Ah, right! I think that’s a brilliant format.


I like that it gets the best performing players out of the way first so the next tier of players can duke it out, and on down the line.


Target Frenzy… good idea! I’d say lose machines by random draw or allow the qualifiers to pick the machines that are being eliminated.


Tickets are available May 4th at 12:00pm eastern.


BUMP! Tickets available tomorrow at noon.


Registration is live, sign up now :slight_smile:


Sold out in 95 minutes! Waitlist is now active