TGP Calculation

A 40-person indirect game of South Park would be +1 TGP. Top 4 finals one game would be +2 TGP. Looks like 12% to me.

Even worse . . . a 41-person indirect game of South Park with a top 4 finals would be worth . . . 0 :slight_smile:


Amazing Race is INDIRECT PLAY until the final 4.

An 8 player first round would be +1 meaningful game played.

The final 4 game would be counted at 2X, final 3 game counted at 1.5X.


Cool sorta figured that might be the case but wanted to make sure - thx!

My brain hurts

So if you have more than 4 people, it’s indirect unless they all play as one block? So then if there are 6 players on $6MDM or Starship Troopers, for instance, that would count as 3X?

Follow-up question, when playing a single player machine, doesn’t the logic break down? Whether you have 2 people, 4 or 20, it’s still the same degree of direct-or-not if you’re comparing scores to determine who advances. [Apologies if this makes Evan’s brain hurt even more!]


On the off chance that an entire tournament was run on $6MDM and Starship Troopers machines we would allow 6-player matches to be counted as “DIRECT PLAY”. I’d be willing to count this at 30X just to see it happen :slight_smile:


The logic breaks down for that particular machine, as it does when we do Player 1/Player 3 only games.

Our Direct Play rule has far more to do with Match Play tournaments being built around 4-player groups. I would assume it’s that way because a large majority of games support 4-player simultaneous play. If/when that’s no longer the norm, we’ll re-evaluate.

Challenge accepted!


Let me know when and where. :crazy_face:

gotta include Baywatch too!


And Goldeneye!

I don’t understand - you are literally playing everyone directly on each and every game of the amazing race. Lose to everyone and you are out. Side note - I think the format used to be called Royal Rumble? Can someone confirm?

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So do basic high score tournaments. Everyone shows up and plays one game and the winner is decided. Those scores are also literally directly compared to everyone else’s.

We have drawn the line at “Direct” being what most games can accommodate simultaneously in the same game … This being 4.

And Baywatch (Oops someone beat me to it)

now i understand. thank you.